When liquid gold pours from the burning junkpile of the creative mind. #writing

Ever been excited about an idea? Felt it grow in your bones until it has to come out? Right now, I am working on a novel. Three years ago, I quit work to write stories (children's, teens) but I got sidetracked filling my mind with all kinds of creative endeavors. I did the movie extra […]

Cheap High Chair Reviews is LIVE over at Cheapism.com — Come visit!

I've been writing for Cheapism.com lately and my latest comprehensive review (on cheap high chairs) is now LIVE! Yeah! For each category, I research all the possible options – the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly and let you know what to expect for your money and what parents are saying around the internet. […]

God. It's Me, Sarah.

It's one of those days – you know – like WHY AM I AWAKE already? It's going to be a long day and I need sleep but for some reason I am awake. It started at 5:15 AM when my dog started whimpering to go out and then my throat got dry and I started […]

First Article Published at Parenting Squad!!!

My very first Parenting Squad article was just published!! Wooo hoooo! But, wait, it gets better. The first one they chose to publish is titled, "When Pre-Teen Daughters Grow Armpit Hair." If you are faced with this dilemma like I was this last weekend, head over to HERE and read the article. You might at […]

God's Big Little Moments

Today was a life-changing day. No, I didn't get my hair highlighted or my toenails painted, though they could use a fresh coat. In fact, if you looked at me yesterday and today, you really wouldn't see the difference. But a big change did happen to me today. I became an official college professor — […]


Check out my Places to Go column in the sidebar (or click on the link in the next sentence). I just found a pretty cool site called Shvoong that lets you write abstracts on anything. The more popular the abstract, the more clicks and the more you get paid! I have to get busy writing […]