BIAM: "Book In A Month" is going to be "Book In A Year" perhaps!

This is where I log onto my friendly little blog and tell you the progress my novel is making. Well . . . let's put it this way, it won't be a book in a month. More like, a book in a couple of months or a year or . . . . {well, hopefully […]

#BIAM Day 3: Briefly Describe Each Act & Build On It

Today is my third day following the Book In A Month plan. And, all I can think about is owning an iPad2 – not because I have anything else Apple related – other than an original ITouch that my daughter snarfed and then cracked the screen. The news is doing it's job – or rather […]

#BIAM Day 2: Outlining Your Ten Top Scenes

Okay – so I didn't get as much of my story map done yesterday as I had hoped but I did get the chapters laid out, I journaled, I dreamed, I graded papers for class, I taught class, I talked to my kids, yada, yada, yada. But, today's assignment is: Outline your TOP ten scenes […]

Book In A Month: Setting Goals & Developing Your Oneliner #BIAM

Okay, so I am really doing it. I am writing the novel that is searing through my brain. Characters are begging to be let go and TODAY I began the arduous journey. Well, I really began last month when I created a story board and started sticking post-its like crazy all over the board. As […]

Novel Inspirations from Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris!

When you have a novel eating it's way through your brain, your heart, your soul, you know only one thing: this MUST be written. Whether it ever gets read by anyone else but your tortured friends and family, you don't know but you do know: THIS MUST BE written  — just to get it out […]

Zee Brain iz on Overload.

Two days out of four and I am full to overflowing. Imagine if I had gone all four days. You'd be picking me up off the sidewalk outside the conference center. Blown away. Absolutely blown away. The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference was such an incredible experience, I am speechless. (Temporary condition, I assure you.) […]

God. It's Me, Sarah.

It's one of those days – you know – like WHY AM I AWAKE already? It's going to be a long day and I need sleep but for some reason I am awake. It started at 5:15 AM when my dog started whimpering to go out and then my throat got dry and I started […]

Want to be inspired? Listen to an inspiring writer speak.

Last night, I invited the president of the college where I teach to speak about his weekly column in the local paper. WOW. After years of writing sermons and weekly Bible studies, Dr. Meyer shared with us that his column is a work of commitment, discipline, creativity, and passionate curiosity. At this point, he has […]

Burgoon's Theory of "Personal Space" Violations

Well, you have heard me talk about all kinds of fun events from the summer (from Zhu Zhu Pets parties to the Philly Moms Blog Launch to meeting Kelly Ripa in support of Ovarian Cancer Research to meeting Billy Ray Cyrus in support of Feeding America and so much more. Whew.) Now, it is time […]

Inspired to write

What do you get when you combine a local columnist, a retired reporter, a well-established jazz blogger/copy editor and a novice mommy blogger? A writer’s group and no loss for words! I had the incredible pleasure to be the novice mommy blogger in this group of seemingly normal people with pasts that blew me away. […]