What I Learned This Week: Finding belated Zhu Zhu Pets video clips can be fun!!

  I learned that I had a couple of fun video clips from our Zhu Zhu Pet party in August and I combined them into what turned out to be a cute video so FINALLY here it is: For more "What I Learned This Week", head over to Jo-Lynne's carnival on Musings of a Housewife. […]

What I Learned This Week: Leapfrog's Seminar on Children & Internet Safety

  This week Jo-Lynne, Melissa and I headed up to the BIG apple for an internet safety seminar sponsored by Leapfrog. We also got a sneak preview of the new Leapworld, an interactive website that Leapfrog is building for release next spring. One of the developers was there showing us all the fun elements of […]

Wordless Wednesday & Other Carnivals: Laundry Detergent Refills Anyone?

  No, I haven't been paid or even asked to promote Sun & Earth today (just so you at the FTC know) but I am using this picture from our local Earth Mart because I think the idea is just so cool (and I think the people at Sun & Earth and the Earth Mart […]

What I Learned This Week: My Mom's Hen-Rooster-Hen laid an egg

I learned that the one of my mom's ten bitty chicks that she thought might turn into a hen, when all the rest turned into roosters (but that she later thought might be a rooster after all) did in fact lay an egg yesterday. In fact, she could hear the unmistakable clucking from the house […]

What I Learned This Week: Strawberry-Blueberry Cream Trifle

I learned that people LOVE strawberry trifle for a summer treat! This last weekend, I promised to bring a dessert to a local picnic. I don't have a picture but the trifle I altered from a Pampered Chef recipe turned out great! It was the perfect light treat for a hot summer picnic and was […]

What I Learned This Week: Motorcycle Riding

I learned that I love riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle! Last week when I got home from our big trip south, everything I tried seemed to mess something else up – crashed the computer, clogged the sink, etc. – you get the picture. I called my husband at work and said I […]

What I Learned This Week: Making it Work

I learned FIRST of all that this summer is not going to be as boring on TV as I thought. TNT just sent me info. on a couple of great new shows they started for the summer this week. Some of my favorite people have gone little screen. I really don’t watch a lot of […]

What I Learned This Week: On Writing

1) This week, I learned my way around the NYC subway and thanks to Maria Bailey, I learned about the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and met Kelly Ripa yesterday, which was WAY cool, as she talked about the fundraiser Electrolux is backing with a great contest and a chance to win one of their new […]

What I Learned This Week: Survivor Season Finale

I learned this week that: 1) Seeing the Survivor Season Finale in person in NYC is totally awesome. At Christmas, we opened a little white box from my sister and her husband, Steve. My sister is known for her love of giving experiences and I knew that one box with both our names on it […]

What I Learned This Week: What Students Think of Blogging!

I learned a couple of things this week and as usual I am typing them in last minute without much time to think through the wording, how to say it better and whether the grammar is totally correct. Each week comes around so fast! Last week, I had my Writing for the Media class make […]