Shmoozee Chic by Abbigeek: My daughter’s Video Project

We were sent a box of Shmoozees and a green screen kit to make a fun video. My daughter is delving into her own video editing projects these days and one of her first, as of tonight, is “Shmoozee Chic by Abbigeek.” Abbigeek is my daughter’s online pen name and I think she did such […]

VLOG: Making Black Bean Soup on Let's Dish

Giveaways, Vlogs and More . . .

Teaming up with Jo-Lynne over at Reviewsings has been WAY fun. Today I uploaded a video of the girls and me making Auntie Anne's soft pretzels from a kit sent to us. I think I'll upload it again here, despite it's many faults! I am learning as I go here. There are also some great […]

Vlogging 101 (or Video Blogging 101)

On GenMom Reviews, you will see my first attempt to VLOG (or create a video to show online) with my new FLIP MINO video camera. You will even see WHO gave it to me and why. I was really tempted to reshoot the first attempt but I realized that it will give me a good […]