Hi! Welcome to Genesis Moments. If you are stopping by from Twitter, you can get to my main blog HERE! My name is Sarah Peppel and I have been blogging for about three years now so that I can learn and experience writers of the world. If you are looking for reviews or other information for helping promote your brand, check out my Social Media and Me page to see a few of the campaigns I have participated in and to learn how to connect with me as an online influencer.

Genesis Moments is my everyday mom blog where I post pictures to show relatives and write about life and various happenings. You can also find links to the Frugal Living column I write for the local paper but you are better off heading over to DIYFrugal, a second blog I started to house my articles and list money-saving resources in a “frugal” blogroll.

I am a SAHM mom, exploring ways to use creativity and writing to bring in extra funds for our family and have fun while doing it. Right now, in addition to the column and teaching two college courses (Writing for the Media & Communication Theory), I am writing frugal reviews for Cheapism.com. {I started online writing by doing featured life stories of interesting people for Story of My Life and moved on from there}. I also jump in as an extra in local commercials and movies when I can (like anytime I actually get a call!) Recently, I have begun work on a novel which I am excited to say is moving along well!

My husband, Brian and his friend, Paul run The Handyguys Podcast where they have fun sharing ways to save money on DIY home projects.

My husband and I both enjoy serving our community through the local Republican committee and through our PCA presbyterian church. Our daughters are hitting their early teen years and keep me guessing constantly but I love them.

Feel free to e-mail any questions to sarah (at) peppel (dot) com.

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