The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble In the Jungle

New Jungle Book DVD

Recently, we received a DVD set of Phase 4 Films’ new The Jungle Book The Movie in which familiar characters danced and pranced across the screen and delighted my daughters who are teenagers now but who grew up with the original story. I also grew up  with The Jungle Book references punctuating my childhood every […]

TV Review: Sherlock – the BBC Version

As I type, I am thoroughly enjoying the clever twists of Sherlock: Season One, episode #5, the Hound of the Baskervilles. Initially, I enjoyed watching Elementary, an American modern day Sherlock Holmes. And, then, my daughter introduced me to the BBC’s Sherlock which is absolutely incredible. Witty. Funny. Well-written and action packed. You can’t help but […]

Almost Naked Animals DVD releases September 25

Almost Naked Animals

  Recently, we received a Banana Cabana welcome package featuring an Almost Naked Animals t-shirt, DVD, spiral notebook, coasters, a Whoopie Cushion, fake ice with a bug inside and a nice carry bag. As you can imagine, my eldest (my writer) confiscated the notebook and my youngest went for the Whoopie cushion which she continues to […]

Join The Ladies of “The Talk” As they Go Make-up Free for Their Season Premiere

the talk premiere

Imagine going on TV without your makeup! Quel horreur! I have only recently been willing to leave the house without makeup and I don’t even wear that much. Now, some of your favorite daytime talk show celebrities are baring their pores for all to see. In case you haven’t heard: “THE TALK” HOSTS “TAKE IT ALL […]

The American Bible Challenge Airs August 23rd

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is becoming a game show host! This redneck joker just got a little more serious about life with a show about the Bible. It will be interesting to see how he combines humor with the word of God . . .  the world’s most popular book . . . over 6 billion […]

Tune in for Family Movie Night: Who is Simon Miller?

In the summer time when all the shows are reruns, I love catching up on movies with my family, especially ones that the whole family can enjoy. P&G and Walmart are teaming up to bring you the following family-friendly movie with all the fun and suspense that will keep all ages engaged and rooted to […]

Loving NBC Family Movie Night #FieldofVision @fmnib

NBC is doing a stellar job with it’s Saturday Family Movie Night and this week is no exception with Field of Vision, airing June 11, 8/7c. Pop some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy! Synopsis: Through mysterious footage captured on an old malfunctioning video camera, Sinclair High School’s star quarterback, Tyler McFarland, learns that some […]

Movie Alert: Christmas with a Capital C

Daniel Baldwin and Ted McGinley face off in the GMC World Premiere Movie Christmas with A Capital C this Sunday, December 5 at 7 pm ET. The movie is based on the song by the same name, sung by the Contemporary Christian band GoFish. Here's a quick clip for you.     Here's a little […]

Julie Chen and Leah Remini of The Talk answer my mom questions

Recently, I submitted mom-related questions to the hosts of The Talk. Here are Julie Chen and Leah Remini answering them in the video below. My questions: Where is the first place you go when you want to splurge on your child? OR, what was one surprise you never expected in parenthood?

Co-hosting Twitter Tuesday Tonight! #TheGoodWife

Join me (@GenMom) on Twitter tonight for Twitter Tuesday — a live tweetup during & about the latest episode of The Good Wife! Read about it all HERE at!