The Finish Line

My sister made it across the finish line! It was tough going and she wondered what she had gotten herself into, but she made it! Yeah, Michele! The thirteen mile run began at the Philadelphia art museum and wrapped through several historic sites to finish not far from the start. Less than half way, my […]

MARATHON UPDATE: It's Almost Here!

Hi all- Please say "Hi" to my sister and join me in wishing her well! Hello and Happy Labor Day weekend!   Just wanted to give you a quick update on the Team In Training event for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   As of this weekend, I ran my longest training distance of 11 miles.  Only […]

Team in Training: Michele's Marathon Update

From my sister Michele: (Leave a comment to welcome my sister to the blogosphere fun! Thanks.) 6/28/08 UPDATE:  It’s been an interesting few weeks.  I had my first athletic injury! Either a stress fracture or just painful shin splints, but I had to take a few weeks off from running.  However, the silver lining is […]

Michele's Marathon Update and Book Review

FROM THE GUEST POSTER (My sister, the marathon newbie) Hi everyone!   Yes, I’m still at it and haven’t collapsed yet – September will be here soon!!    What an interesting journey this has been – learning so much about those who struggle with leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood cancers.   I’m really excited to be supporting all […]

Team in Training Update – Michele's Marathon

From my sister, Michele who is training for a half-marathon: (check out the previous post to learn more about how this all got started.) Hi!   My first week with Team in Training was amazing.  Below is a quick summary of events, just since Saturday: 1) Raised 1/3 of my fundraising goal, with more pledged to […]