Story of My Life: "Hamburger Humor"

See below for the beginning of my latest interview at Story of My Life. Dr. Lew Hamburger talks about using humor to deal with his fears about skydiving and being held hostage. Head over to Story of My Life to read the rest of his incredible experience! Freefalling through empty space, Dr. Lew Hamburger soaked […]

Story of My Life: Ed Boyer

Here's my latest Story of My Life interview with one amazing and inspiring guy! Punching in the emergency access code, Ed Boyer connected with his party across choked telephone lines. It was August 29, 2005 and Hurricane Katrina had just devastated the southern coast. Emergency personnel used a special phone number set up by the […]

Story of My Life: Tony Luke Jr.

Here's an excerpt from my latest Story of My Life Interview to go live: "From Sandwiches to Screen Plays: Feeding a Different Hunger" Standing in the dark theater, Tony Luke Jr. eyed the audience as they watched his first feature length film as the lead actor. It was the 2009 Philadelphia Film Festival and their […]

Story of My Life: Britt Menzies of StinkyKids

This last week, I had the joy of interviewing Britt Menzies for a feature story on Story of My Life. Her story just went live! Here's an excerpt: "Mom, would you draw me as a ballerina?" “By the time I get to the restaurant, I'm going to have Nickelodeon on the phone,” announced Britt to […]

Story of My Life: Kirk Bauer

Here is an excerpt from my most recent interviewee, Kirk Bauer: On March 19, 2003, Kirk Bauer, Executive Director of Disabled Sports USA, sat watching his television as President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. In a defining moment, he knew he would pool all resources necessary to help wounded soldiers recover from war-time […]