Smiley Saturday Summary

I am smilin’ today because Lightening who hosts the Saturday summary is back home and at the end of what sounds like a difficult week. (I hope next week is better for you!) For me I am smiling because yesterday I learned about Spanx undergarments on the news and then went to my computer only […]

Smiley Saturday Summaries

Check out the cool Smiley Saturday posts at Lightening Online! Today, I am smiling because: 1) Lightening Online gave me an award, among her Smiley Saturday participants, that is too cute! I haven’t decided who to pass it on to yet but I’ll work on that! The original poster of the award and code can […]

Saturday Summary – Lots of Smiles

Add some smilies to your weeks with the Smiley Saturday posts and swaps. See Lightening to add your link. Things that made me smile this week were: 1) A wonderful giveaway at the Handyman’s Podcast! You do have to listen to the Handyman’s audio podcast (Episode 6-The tool kit) to learn about the giveaway but […]

Serendipitous Saturday

What could possibly be more fun than a girl’s day at the mall? I can’t imagine, so guess where I was today? – on a girls day at the mall! Starting the day with a child throwing up in the sink might pull at the heart strings of a more sensitive "Guess I’ll miss the […]

Saturday Summary: Podcasts, Profiles and Purple Petunias

Wow – What a crazy week! God has blessed me as I have learned sooo much about Blogland, writers, writing resources and more. In return, I “blew the dust” off my Quark program and have tried to bless my husband by helping him and his friend create business cards and flyers for their new podcast […]