What are you asking for?

Social media "experts" are on the rise and I hear over and over about the power of positive thinking, that you get what you asked for, that the only problem is that you don't ask, to ask and you shall receive and finally, just tell five people and they tell five and they tell five […]

40-something starts now

And so the next decade begins. I am turning 40 today. Some people wouldn't tell you when or how old but seeing that I have spilled my whole life here, why hold back on this one? I am having a quiet day today – a day to contemplate the future, remember the past and move […]

Home Fire- the faithfulness of friends

Thank you for your prayers for this family! We found these wonderful framed sayings intact that remind us that God is in all things and His faithfulness will prevail! (Permission was received to publish these items. Other documentary pictures were withheld for family privacy.)

Prayer Needed ASAP – Home in Ruins

Please pray for a family we know who had a house fire this week. Their home is destroyed and what fire has not consumed on the first floor and basement, smoke damage has ruined. I will have more details to add to this post tomorrow about the exact prayer needs and what needs to be […]