CPAC Recap: Focus on the Family: Rising Voices video clip

Check out my interview with Dawn from Focus on the Family Action: Rising Voices (an XPAC sponsor). (Ignore the crazy miming. I talk with my hands.) Check out their website HERE! You can also, go HERE to see awesome blogger Skye's excellent video skills as I interview with Doug Hoffman (in a very loud hallway) […]

XPAC from a Mom's Viewpoint

This last weekend, my husband and I packed up our two pre-teen daughters and took them to one of the largest conservative political conferences in the country – CPAC. I was worried about ME keeping on track with everything the speakers threw at us (and whether or not to agree or disagree on any particular […]

Healthcare Needs Discussed, Debated, Deliberated,

I am not a lawyer or career politician so I will share what I know about the healthcare debate in stories of people I have known. When I was in graduate school, part of my job in the office included overseeing the affairs of two Russian scholars. They had barely arrived in our country in […]

Wanna come for Tea? Planning a Tax Day Tea Party

I am planning a Tea Party and NO, I am not talking about having you over for scones, jelly and lemon curd. I am jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon that is spreading across America, little towns and big. The threat of increased taxes, the stimulus package, the mortgage bailout, the government's leanings towards a […]