What actions equal after-school detention? Dress Code Violations? Really?

My daughter came home yesterday with tears in her eyes. And, when I see tears in the eyes of my sweet child, I'm going to go looking for who hurt her.  Apparently, she got a third after-school detention for dress-code violations. But, let me back up and give you some background. We love that our […]

The Growing of the iGeneration: Online School Solutions

As an online instructor, I enjoy grading papers at home, on vacation, at the park and really anywhere I can access my laptop and the college Blackboard screen. It's great. I am learning that the demand for online classes is growing as students want the flexibility and colleges & schools realize they can supplement their […]

Sneak Peak at "Raising the Bar"

You don’t want to miss this next episode of “Raising the Bar” airing next Monday on TNT at 10 PM ET/PT. In this episode entitled “No Child’s Left Behind,” the sticky issue of posting photos of children on the web is addressed in a high drama courtroom. You won’t want to miss it!

The Coolest Kid in School

"But, Mom, she’s the coolest kid in school!" Is that why she ask to borrow your new bracelet and never returned it?Is that why she’s nice to you only every other day?Is that why she told another girl to come look at the gap in your front teeth? Oh, my child. My heart aches. Our […]


Bandfest was today and my ten year old popped up out of bed like a jack rabbit in stone soup! (See Stone Soup for the folktale reference.) Around November, L. was told that she would be one of only four from her school to get to go to this regional event called "Bandfest." Practice caused […]

Teacher's Conferences – Pray for this mommy.

Pray for me on Friday, I have a teacher’s conference. There is a sweet teacher who needs to know the Lord. This sweet teacher has given my child a poor grade for not turning in assignments my daughter says the teacher didn’t tell her to turn in. I personally am not feeling so sweet about […]