Feeling Dusty?

The speaker asked a piercing question that zeroed in on its intended target:  my heart. "Do I let the fragments and particles of the world collect on my soul?" Starting with an analogy, he shared, "My wife wondered why her plant wasn't growing right. She went to get advice from a gardener who told her […]

Talent or Interest?

Is your job satisfying? Do you use your talents to make a living or are they hobbies after the work day is done? Have you ever thought you might have a talent in something only to find out it would only ever be an interest and no actual talent materialized or on the other hand, […]

A time to listen and a time to emote?

Today I found out that there is a time to listen and a time to . .. be someone else? The bulk of my day (9AM to 3 PM to be precise) was spent in my first day of training as a volunteer counselor for a crisis pregnancy center. I was inundated with wonderful Biblical […]

Ravenous Righteousness

Today Carmel my dog woke me at 6 AM as always. Only, today was a holiday and I would have looooved to sleep. She needed to go out but more importantly, in her little mind, was the precise cup of dry dog food waiting for her when she came back from a quick jaunt on […]