MAX YOUR MENU: Pumpkin Soup with Lime

Here's great recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Lime that I found hanging on the bulletin board at the YMCA and tried in my slow cooker. I thought it turned out pretty good – different but good! The paper didn't say where it came from but hopefully if the Y can share it, so can I! […]


Here's sneak preview of my soup article that will be in The Phoenix this coming weekend and will soon be posted over at DIYFrugal. I figured that it is just as appropriate for my family blog as anything so here it is:     Fall is a wonderful time to pull out the soup recipes […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Thank the Lord for Cooking Shortcuts

There are times in life you just need a quick way to get a LOT done. If you can find shortcuts, take them. I agreed (at some point this last week when I must have been deeply involved in some other thought process like where to take my afternoon nap) to bring dessert to a […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Food Stuffs

Found in a 1912 School Kitchen Cookbook: Lessons in Cooking and Domestic Science: "It may help the younger pupils to understand and remember the distinctions and uses of food stuffs, if we think of them in this way: In the body: Protein makes and mends.Fats heat and help.Carbohydrates warm and work.Water carries and cleans.Minerals frame […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Frugal Menu Links

TIP OF THE WEEK: BUY INGREDIENTS instead of prepackaged meals! (And in keeping with the kitchen organizing theme of Works For Me Wednesday: Make SURE you are paying attention to the food at the back of your fridge, pantry, etc. so it is used before going bad. Stack, layer, etc so the oldest dates are […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Frugal Field Trips

My friend offered to take me to her frugal living mecca and I HAD to say yes. You have to know that this woman always looks like a fortune with beautifully styled hair, sharp clothes, up-to-date purses and fun shoes. Her daughter carries a Louis Vutton and her husband always wears a polo. BUT, the […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Greek Cheese Torta

As my girls spent the day touring the simple life of the Amish country with my sister, brother, sister-in-law, niece and mother, I was pulling out recipes & dishes, cutting, chopping, stirring, mixing and baking for a feast. Dusting off my forgotten platters, spices and recipes, our menu included: 1st CourseChips and SalsaGreek Cheese Torta […]


UPDATE: I am adding this post to Rocks in my Dryer’s Works for Me Wednesdays so I can get more grocery stretching tips from you lovely ladies! Read below for some things I have been learning this last week about budgeting at the grocery store! My original plan with Max Your Menu was to give […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Bananas Foster by Paula Deen

** UPDATED WITH PICTURES ** For this week’s Max Your Menu, I have to share one of the simplest recipes that I saw on the food network that looked REALLY good. Paula Deen shared the most wonderful recipe for Bananas Foster on her show so I am going to try it for the 4th! Here […]

MAX YOUR MENU: Grilling Ham & Pineapple

Grilling makes summer cooking fun and easy. I was inspired by all the chef shows on grilling ham and pineapple and so we tried it and LOVED IT! You can arrange your grilled food in creative ways for the kids or leave them plain! After grilling the pineapple, just slice around the core into strips for […]