Building Moments: the Best Baby Toys for Development

When you’re expecting a baby, you want the best items for your child. You want to give them the most intellectually stimulating toys so that they have the best start in life, as well as equipment that can cope with their energy, and accessories that can keep them safe. What toys are the best for […]

Chore Chart for Kids

Goal For It

The New Year is a great time to get {re}organized and get back on track with menu plans, goals sheets and a chore chart for the kids. After holiday crazies, I always start cleaning out my pantry, my junk drawers and of course, all the storage areas from which Christmas decorations were extracted and need […]

Little girls, little girls, everywhere I look

We are just having the girliest girl time you have seen. My twin brother (who is 6’1″ to my 5’5″ and has brown eyes like my mom) and sister-in-law arrived yesterday to pick up my niece. While my brother went to the hospital with my mom, we went to the end of the week horse […]

Bunny Camp at Grandma's

Our stay has just begun at bunny camp. Below is our mascot, Bailey and the various other bunny camp signs my mother has installed for the girls, including the bunny clubhouse. I knew I got my quirky sense of humor from somewhere.

Need a GNO?

"Have fun at your GNO!" said my mom so sweetly over the phone knowing I would have nooo idea what she was talking about. My sister figured it out and my brother actually gave my mom the Miley Cyrus lingo lesson. You think my girls would already know but the three of us just weren’t […]

Blogshots – the New Kodak Moment!

Remember the saying: "This is the perfect Kodak moment." NOT anymore. Now we have the perfect Blogshot moment! When I saw this I ran for my camera yelling "Blogshot" all the way out the door! Poor Mrs. Frosty. She lost her magical hat!

Link Love: School's Out -What do I do?

When we know school is going to be out, a little planning and creativity can make the time spent more memorable and fun for everyone. The cold winter months limit trips to the park and when you are trying to save money after the Christmas madness, it is time to get creative! Together, you never […]