Comparison Shopping: Nutribullet versus Medifast Blender

blender shopping

Weight loss is always such a challenge this time of year when it is so much easier to simply hibernate, not exercise and eat way too much – especially with the snowy winter we’ve had this year. But, I am continuing my journey and new cooking toys help me get inspired to eat healthy. For […]

Growing Up: Is My Daughter Ready For Contacts?

My daughter never really thought about contacts too much. She knew people wore them but her thick-rimmed purple glasses with little rhinestones flowering down the sides were right up her alley. And, then, the hinge broke. And, she wondered. Hmmm. . . . contacts could be interesting.  And, then we learned about Bausch & Lomb […]

Learn about The Zone & Toxic Fat with Dr. Barry Sears

After picking up a copy of The Zone off a resale shelf at the library, I was excited to get the opportunity to interview the famous author Dr. Barry Sears who has a new book out called Toxic Fat. To check out our interview, click over HERE to where I posted my article based […]

Two for One Sale on Sick Kids

Once again, it is Monday. I have TWO classes to teach and TWO sick kids at home. At some point today, we need to fit in a trip to the doctor's. The girls have been fighting a nasty bug and we really do need to check to see if it is the flu. Brian has […]

Healthcare Needs Discussed, Debated, Deliberated,

I am not a lawyer or career politician so I will share what I know about the healthcare debate in stories of people I have known. When I was in graduate school, part of my job in the office included overseeing the affairs of two Russian scholars. They had barely arrived in our country in […]

Brain Zaps

Have you ever woken up with an electrical shock flashing white lightening through the center of your brain? I would love to say I can’t relate but I can and did at 5 AM  this morning. It shook me for the whole day. So, I googled “Brain Zap.” Apparently, in an unofficial search of the […]

God Bless Claritin D and Places of Rest

Tonight, my mind wafts out of the Claritin D haze back to earlier tonight to a raging sinus headache that laid me up and forced me to come to terms with my late thirty-something development of allergy symptoms that crop up at least once every spring and fall. I avoided admitting that fact today until […]

Gluten Free and Glutton Free

My friend and I make quite the dining pair. When we meet for a mom’s lunch out, she has to watch for gluten and I am watching my carbs. Unfortunately, her celiac disease has much more serious consequences than if I sneak a roll. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder that leads to intestinal damage […]

Is your doctor board certified?

When I first started working for a doctor, I was as naive as they come. I didn’t know why the newly graduated physician was stressing about not being board certified. I assured him that many people go to specialists because they referred from the hospital or their main doctor and to not be concerned. It […]