Love the Couponing for Community efforts going on this weekend!!

Just turned on the news and saw some of my fellow frugal bloggers! They were promoting Couponing for Community efforts going on this weekend. How fun and what a great cause! Click on the image below to learn how your couponing can make a real difference in the lives of people needing a boost, a […]

Loving the Free Samples & Coupons of 2011!

Yes, I am supposed to be writing the next, latest and greatest break out novel right now. And, yes, I am blogging instead. I promise that AS SOON as I finish this post, I am going downstairs and reading the rest of my new Writer's Digest, baking banana bread from scratch and working on some […]

Talking about Frugal Holiday Spending and Eating over at DIYFrugal

  Head over to DIYFrugal today where we are talking about the decision making process of frugal spending and eating over the holidays!

Head over to DIY Frugal for Paper Mache Fun!

My girls have been busy having LOTSA snowy day indoor fun (and creating HUGE messes they had to clean up!)  Click over HERE to DIYFrugal to see how they made their paper mache creations!    

FRUGAL BLESSINGS: Dayspring Cards Coupon Code

Check out my newest review of Dayspring Cards over at! Also mentioned in the review is a coupon code you can use RIGHT NOW and get a discount on your order: Use SPRING09 and get 20% off your entire order at and free shipping on orders over $50 or more. The coupon expires […]

BlissDom09 Frugal Connections

Here are some great ladies I met at the Blissdom Conference who write on Frugal Living. I know they are only a small representation of many who write on the growing need for frugality and responsible living. I am loving all the great ideas just reading through the blogs to create this post.  If your […]

First Day as a Frugal Living Columnist

See HERE for my first ever Frugal Living Column in the local paper, the Phoenix. Ignore the picture. Apparently, the story would have to be taken offline to change out the shot. I am hoping to get a better picture up soon. This article is about using the Dave Ramsey book "Total Money Makeover" to […]