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When you get to my age (43), you have typically tried most diets out there, punctuated by spurts of annual gorging otherwise known as the time of year from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. And, now that life is busier than ever, I am having to learn how to fit in exercise, dieting AND blogging around […]


Training for a Weight Loss Challenge

Diet and Exercise

Weight loss challenges are the fodder of reality TV shows and ambitious gym directors AND now, the stuff of blogs, mine in particular. I have one week until the Let’s Get Physical Weight Loss Challenge and I am finding that waiting to start a weight-loss challenge makes you impatience and antsy but it is actually […]

Joining the 8-week Let’s Get Physical Weight Loss Challenge


I did it! I joined Wendy’s 8 week weight loss challenge starting September 4th. The Facebook group is already hopping with discussions about weight loss plans, types of exercise, where people are from and how they plan to tackle the 8 weeks facing us all. Though winning the monetary prizes is appealing, we all know […]

Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly

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The rain cleared just in time for the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly this AM in Blue Bell, PA. My sister inspired my girls and I to join her in the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly this morning, a perfect day (after the rain cleared) for a walk or run . . . or jog/sprint. My eldest […]

Hoping Slim Select will help me lose what I’ve gained and regain what I’ve lost!

Why  wait until the new year? I am ready to start a new diet RIGHT NOW. Okay, not so sure that’s really possible but there has to be a glimmer of slimmer to get motivated at some point. I get crazy thoughts like what if I don’t eat between parties or maybe if I jog […]

7 Things You Gotta Know about Fish Oil

I got on the scales this week and just about fell off. {Rubbing eyes and blinking several times.} Down TEN pounds. TEN. For several weeks, I've avoided the scales since they hit an all time high a couple of weeks back. But, by popular demand, I am blogging about this because the only major change […]

I'm healthy as they come.

For those of you waiting with bated breath praying, I went to the doctors' and the whole scare was over my glucose being 101. Did you know that a whole new generation of diabetics are being discovered? Why? They keep lowering the numbers for what equals diabetic. I would have been totally normal 10 years […]

Motivating Factors – Persistance and Perseverance

This morning I was hit hard with the blues. I have been on-the-verge-of-something sick for two weeks and it has taken its toll. Depressing thoughts began to blossom. "I don’t know what I am doing with my life." "I start strong and don’t stay with anything." "I have nothing to blog about today." "My voice […]

Fight the Frump for Bikini Season

When Musings of a Housewife told me about Fight the Frumpy with Fussy I thought "Easy! I have been on a roll since January, getting in shape with my body and makeup." And then, I looked down. Pink polka dotted pajamas still on the bod. Oops. It’s only 1 PM. Time to go get a […]

Fitness for Newbies

In my ongoing efforts to improve mind, body and soul, I finished my second personal training /wellness session at the YMCA yesterday. Fortunately for my budget, the closest Y is adding a new wing and is offering 3 free lessons. (Even at cost, their lessons are incredibly affordable — once you are a member.) With […]