Hoping Slim Select will help me lose what I’ve gained and regain what I’ve lost!

Why  wait until the new year? I am ready to start a new diet RIGHT NOW. Okay, not so sure that’s really possible but there has to be a glimmer of slimmer to get motivated at some point. I get crazy thoughts like what if I don’t eat between parties or maybe if I jog […]

Pajamas on Parade

"Hey, Sarah, those pajamas are snazzy!" So, what do you say to the president of the campground when your mother–in-law is being carried out on a stretcher in the middle of the night of some unknown excruciating pain? More importantly, when you are on an extended vacation with extended family and friends, you must realize […]

Fight the Frump Friday: Cersies and Tussy Mussies

Here on Fight the Frump Friday, I have to bring to you some awesome Southern hospitality items for sprucing up any event. Robin from Pensieve brought us “cersies” this last weekend in the form of bags of sourdough bread. Cersies are small gifts given to anyone to make an occasion more special and done in […]

Fight the Frump: The Lilly Intervention

This week has been quite the week but in the name of Fighting the Frump, I will focus on Thursday's shopping experience. People need interventions for a variety of crises. Unfortunately, in my hour of need, I had no cell phone and no one with me to stop the sheer gluttony of the moment. What […]

Fashion Discernment: Mommy Field Trip Disasters

While Fussy’s adorable new baby can be seen at her site Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life, check out Karla’s Looking Towards Heaven for this week’s Fight the Frump Mr. Linky. Previously I was able to bring to you what not to wear on your feet on a field trip after wearing flip flops to a […]

Fight the Frump Friday – Superglue cure

Yesterday, I fought the frump by cleaning my house before my first ever cooking demonstration (a must-read since it was so much fun). BUT, in my piles, I found a couple of quick TO-DO’s and so I decided to take a minute out of a hectic cleaning schedule to, hmm, lets say . . . […]

Fight the Frump: Critique or Criticism

And, she curled up in my lap and cried and cried. My nine-year old had a rough day and I didn’t know it until around bedtime. Coming home from school, she busied herself with friends and then the TV, avoiding me apparently, though I was too busy to notice until late in the day. The […]

Fume the Fat

Yesterday started off okay. I woke up. Woke the kids up. One daughter had no clean uniform shirts so we had to do a quick handwash and stick it in the dryer. This shirt issue plus a few more made getting out of the house a minor olympic feat. Needless to say, I was spent […]

Love ya body, love it, love it, love it.

Love your body and it will love you. Hate your body and it will never be right no matter what size or shape you are. This week for me was about getting back on track, exercising and eating much, much better than last week. I decided to love my body and do something about making […]

The Frumps have it: Lessons from the Egyptians.

"I fought the frumps and the frumps won" (or was that "I fought the law and the law won?") This week has been an exercise DISASTER. Not enough time. Not enough energy. Not enough care factor. If you want to look good and feel good, you have to CARE. It was not happening this week. […]