Ever wonder what to pay your babysitter or nanny at Christmas?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how much to pay or give all the people who help make your life more pleasant: babysitters, housecleaners; landscapers, etc. For babysitters and nannies, a recent study by UrbanSitter found the following: NANNIES: – The most popular holiday gift for nannies is a Christmas bonus of one week’s pay. […]

God forgive my materialistic, CSN lovin' heart!

This has been one heck of a fun week. Over the last couple of months, I accrued a bit of credit over CSN stores through several promotions, including the giveaway over at DIYFrugal that just ended. And, because I had to spend my credit in one shot, I've had boxes arriving every day loaded with […]

Justin Bieber shows the power of prayer in "Never Say Never"

{Honestly, I never thought I would be posting about a teen star — until I read about his life and his faith. My 12 & 13 year old daughters thought he was much more cool after hearing this and that is something right there! Keep reading to get the amazing details for yourself!   After […]

Celebrating Jesus!

 Christmas day began early in our house     with twinkle toes tapping down the stairs,               peeking around corners to check on                               any signs of life in Mom and Dad                                             and peering around another corner                                                                       for signs of Santa.     Usually I am up earlier with our beagle, Carmel, who wakes me up pretty […]

Ring around the collar . . . . Wisk to the rescue!

Wisk has been fighting stains for a loooooonnngggg time. Remember the old "Ring Around the Collar" commercial? In case you forgot, check it out below. Those old 70s jingles are a hoot!   Wisk is starting a new campaign to tell you about their Stain Spectrum™ Technology and I am excited to be one of […]

Back to serious school days

We had such a fun summer but today marked the beginning of a new school year. We couldn't avoid it no matter how hard we tried. The girls were suited up in their uniform navy polos tucked into tan pants with sun-kissed noses from our last minute trip to the beach over the weekend. Donning […]

The stranger in the room

The strange woman stood with her back to me, across the room, with long blonde hair cascading down her back in an enviable pre-baby-tugging fashion. My friend spoke to her with rapt attention and I cocked my head to get a better look, wondering who she was. I assumed the woman, built solid enough to […]

Should You Post Pictures of Your Children Online?

This Monday, June 29 at 10 PM (ET/PT), TNT's hit legal series RAISING THE BAR will follow the case of a father arrested when an innocent photo he posted of his son in the bathtub finds its way onto a child pornography site. Having seen the episode through a pre-screening DVD, I won't give too […]

Live Country Auction on June 13

If you live close, come join us: Live Country Auction & Chili Cook-Off Dinner       Bake Sale & Kid's Activities Sat., June 13 at 6pm Sponsored by Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church Held at West-Mont Christian Academy 873 S. Hanover St., Pottstown PA 19465 An evening of fun for all ages! (Benefitting Summer Missions Project […]

Spring Break: Skiing in Vail

Can you say NERVE-WRACKING! Look at those mountains behind our heads! I was scared to death skiing down the wind-blown mountain passes with steep drop-offs to the left or right — but my kids totally loved it and my husband was having the time of his life. I have to say that it was BEAUTIFUL. […]