Comparison Shopping: Nutribullet versus Medifast Blender

blender shopping

Weight loss is lesbian girls porn always such a challenge this time of year when it is so much easier to simply hibernate, not exercise and eat way too much – especially with the snowy winter we’ve had this year. But, I am continuing my journey and new cooking toys help me get inspired to eat healthy. For […]

Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Every Day and Why I Do It Anyway. . .

Medifast muffins

These last seven weeks have been real journey as I have shed roughly 17 pounds with the help of my local Medifast Weight Control Center in Paoli, where I am participating in a free ambassadorship to understand and share about my experience with their services (though I am paying for the food myself). Last year, […]

Yes, I am starting Weight Watchers . .. .again .. .

I am finally admitting that I need accountability to lose pounds and maintain my goal cartoon porn weight.  Way back, I went to Weight Watchers and lost a ton o' fat from having babies and then I started the yo-yo. Last year I took off significant weight just by working out and eating healthy. Winter came and […]

Happy New Year Everyone!

I would love teenage dating site to spend hours poring over old posts and give you the highlights of the last year but time does not allow for it today. Suffice it to say God has blessed us richly in family, friends and experiences that we will remember for a lifetime. 2008 was an incredible year of connecting […]

New Diet Invention: The Caloric Smart Hand Swatter

I have a invented the greatest diet invention to hit the market since the tennis shoe. Only, this one doesn’t help burn calories, it keeps you from eating them. Imagine a swatter with a built-in calculator which in turn is attached to the hand. The calculator is a smart one. It knows when you have […]