Why I spent the morning shoveling horse manure.

I have always said that I'll do anything for my kids. Now, I know I'll do anything. Yesterday, I cleaned horse stalls – you got it, shoveling horse manure and wet straw out and spreading the new straw in its place. It all started when my youngest wanted gerbils last summer. I got three. No, […]

Night At The Museum 2 – Preorder Special

You may have seen my giveaway for several Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian DVD sets, but if you haven't or you want to order more of the DVD itself for family and friends, here's a deal you can't miss: Basically, if you pre-order the DVD on walmart .com it’s only $9.98 […]

Creating a Chore Chart & Allowance System

This week I decided to put the girls on a chore/allowance system. Do your chores: Earn $5. BUT, I realized we need some structure and organization to our new plan. Knowing that a complicated system is hard to maintain, here's what we are going to try below. OPTION 1: Chores: Downstairs Bathroom Dishes Downstairs Vacuum […]

Works for Me Wednesday: Clothes Swaps & more

On this Works for Me Wednesday, here is an excerpt from my latest DIYFrugal article. Click over to DIYFrugal to read more! As school looms ever closer, the time comes to inventory sports gear, try on school clothes, cram the summer reading and fit in those last minute physicals. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen […]

Over HERE today

Come visit me at Blissfully Domestic with my post on New and Unusual Online Frugal Sites! Please feel free to add more if you know of any!

MAX YOUR MENU: Frugal Field Trips

My friend offered to take me to her frugal living mecca and I HAD to say yes. You have to know that this woman always looks like a fortune with beautifully styled hair, sharp clothes, up-to-date purses and fun shoes. Her daughter carries a Louis Vutton and her husband always wears a polo. BUT, the […]

Lots of Great Links

Classy Mommy has linked to the Walmart 11 Mommy Bloggers, known for their frugal tips. Check out her site for these resources and lots more. Today she is giving out a flip phone! Blissfully Domestic is also doing a major relaunch this weekend with lots of great new articles and goodies for moms. Great work […]

School Days Have Begun

Hurray for School Day! My youngest started back to school today. Nervous and anxious, she was busy last night writing her name on everything, double checking the list and making sure she had everything she needed in her new single strap backpack that she REALLY wanted so I caved. The only hitch came this morning […]

Budgeting God's Way

Here is my first attempt at the first page of the handout we will use for the clients at the pregnancy center: (What do you think?) Budgeting God’s Way: Are you feeling overwhelmed by money issues? Do you have a hard time making ends meet? Frugality, simplicity and wise money management are a commitment and […]

The Carnivorous Weed: Out of Control

And, this is my weed. NO, not the illegal kind (I would hope you knew better), just the garden variety that took over the side of my house and is now killing my hydrangea. A few weeks ago, I stood in front of this weed with my husband and said, "Nice plant." A man of […]