Building Moments: the Best Baby Toys for Development

tesco stuffed animal

When you’re expecting a baby, you want the best items for your child. You want to give them the most intellectually stimulating toys so that they have the best start in life, as well as equipment that can cope with their energy, and accessories that can keep them safe.

What toys are the best for your baby’s brain? There are lots of suggestions online but here’s just a selection of the classics.


When your baby is really young, give them an unbreakable mirror so that he or she can learn more about their surroundings. Babies at this age don’t know they’re looking at their own reflection. You’ll be entertained by their antics as they learn about the world!


This classic toy is a classic for a reason: your child will be honing their motor skills while eventually graduating into problem solving and simple math. At first, a toddler will pile them up and learn about weight, gravity and balance. The next stage is stacking and lining up, beginning to produce patterns and maybe even learning about fractions a little. Then building structures and experimenting with symmetry follows.


When your child is very young, it’s important to give them toys that will stimulate all her senses. The rattle is an excellent choice: your baby will very quickly understand that the sounds being made are being produced by the rattle, and what shaking produces which different sounds.

Soft books

Even before your child can understand stories, you can play with a soft book: the sound of your voice is soothing, and the turning of the pages is a nice addition which your child will continue to associate with a peaceful and comforting time.

Stuffed animals

These toys play a huge role in the development of your child’s imagination. The games children play are preparation for the adult roles of their future, and help them understand the way the world works. Pretend play allows children to explore their feelings about real life while retaining control of imaginary situations. This is a hugely important part of growing up.

Children have amazing imaginations. You’ll find that your kids can make toys out of anything from an empty cardboard box to a blanket and an upturned table. But the classic toys are classics for a reason: they work!

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