Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Every Day and Why I Do It Anyway. . .

Medifast muffinsThese last seven weeks have been real journey as I have shed roughly 17 pounds with the help of my local Medifast Weight Control Center in Paoli, where I am participating in a free ambassadorship to understand and share about my experience with their services (though I am paying for the food myself).

Last year, I took off 20 pounds and then put back on 18 of them which puts me as of today within one pound of where I was last year. Once I take off the next pound and keep going, then I will feel like I am truly making strides. I am really hoping to keep up the pace of 1-3 pounds per week and keep it coming off for another two  months – and then KEEP IT OFF!!!

And, now to explain my title. Every diet book I read (and the nutritionist at the center) says – Don’t weigh in daily. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t get caught up in the trap of obsessiveness over  your weight. Just follow the plan. Just follow our instructions and you will be good.

Nope. Doesn’t work for me. I need to see when I am slacking off (which happens way to easy), when I am plateauing (which I can accept as normal for a couple of days) and when I need to pick up the pace on exercising (because it doesn’t just come naturally, I can tell you now).

Using the medical center definitely helps hold me accountable on a weekly basis and I get to talk to a real person about my journey and what’s tempting me and where my failures are happening. They encourage me, give me tips and help me think through my food choices.

BUT, my little weight scale reminds me each morning to pay attention, to be accountable and to stay on track. I went down to my mom’s this last weekend to move her into a new house. I was burning serious calories and I WAY too easily justified snacking off the plan because:

1) I couldn’t see what impact it was doing to my weight so it must not be doing ANYTHING to my weight to slip in a few extras (BAD justification);

2) I forgot my daily log which means in addition to not having my scale keep me accountable — the other part of my accountability factor (and arguably the most important part – recording one’s food) was missing;


3) I knew I would be missing my weekly weigh-in at the Center and I justified my snacking knowing that I would have a week to take off whatever I put on – BAD THINKING!!

Yikes, I am a sad case, aren’t I? How easy it is to fail, to slip back into old habits, to say – it’s okay, this time, and then, this time and then, this time – until the “this times” start building on each other and adding up.

Saddest part of this last weekend of traveling when on Medifast was the bag of food I carefully packed in my suitcase to fly to my mom’s. I caught a cold in the airport (I swear it) and was miserable sneezy and coughing. I bought Nyquil and added it to my bag of food that first day. Somehow I didn’t get the cap on tight after that first night and half the bottle spilled all in my food bag making everything a light pink once I washed it off.

Fortunately the food is contained metallic wrapping so it stayed okay but it was a mess to cleanup. Nothing like coming to help your mom and bringing food issues and a cold with you.

Anyhooo… I am back home, back on schedule and exercise (not too heavy in the beginning on Medifast since your calories are cut to around 1,200 in the first weeks.)

One thing I am learning on Medifast is to slow down my eating, be happy with small portion meals every 2-3 hours and not be compulsive about the need to eat  in general.

This last week, I got to try the new Medifast Blueberry Muffins. Be careful how you heat them in your microwave since my microwave made the mix bubble out and I found a wider bowl to work better; but otherwise, they are a close second to my other fave – the Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!

Have you ever tried Medifast? What do you think about weighing in daily, weekly, monthly? Does it help or hurt you?

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