Teens plus Hair Products by TruHair

When my teens saw a box of Truhair hair products by Chelsea Scott come to the house for review, the ohhs and ahhs started as the girls and I poked and picked through all the goodies, pulling out various things we each liked.

Long gone are the days of oohing over dolls and games. Now, it’s fun hair products and new flats and boots (especially since they wear uniforms at school and shoes and hair are the only way to stand out).

My 15-year old daughter snapped up the curlers which were pretty cool in the way they stack easy for travel or storage under an already full bathroom cabinet.

I hate taking the time to do right by my hair and end up frying it with the curling iron leaving it frizzy and dry. If I can wrestle these curlers away from my daughter, I really need to try the curler route myself, or so says my hairdresser.

truhair products

My 16-year-old thought the dry shampoo was cool. I love that it’s making a comeback in a fun way with the little brush and powder that pours through the bristles.

You can see by the pictures that my daughter’s hair was getting pretty oily when we used the product. Her hair had a slight white tinge just after using it, as seen in the after picture, but she liked the product and you can see how it worked immediately.

My favorite were the teasing brushes for adding that extra bit of lift when styling hair. The pointed end is great for making zigzags in hair, especially when needing to hide roots that are growing out (and I have NO time to go get them highlighted again right now).

Overall, I think the TruHair products are fun and practical and will be useful to a wide range of demographics. I love that they come in a lovely blue and gray as well.

Truhair on Teen HairTruhair after photo

About TruHair: TRῡ Hair creator, Chelsea Scott, has been in the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. She has specialized in product development and the successful marketing of some of the leading hair care and skin care products that are available on the market today. After owning 2 popular salons and prestige beauty boutiques while working with over 50 of today’s most popular hair brands, Chelsea felt like she couldn’t find products that allowed us to recreate salon looks at home while being easy to use.

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