Donating, Donated, Will Have Donated Soooo Much Stuff to Goodwill This Year

Goodwill donationsAs this year falls into its final quarter, I have to say that Goodwill has been a huge recipient of a LOT of stuff from our house and my mom’s house especially.

After 28 years in a large farm house, my mom decided to downsize and everything went into piles: Goodwill, Habitat, the dump and what my brother, sister and I want to take to our homes.

When I was there a couple of weeks ago to help my mom make the move into her new place, we took the second to the last carful to Goodwill, after the movers took what little she kept for storage, and I finally had to say “Goodbye” to my trashcan that I had bought so many years ago at a thrift shop (Strangely I never even took off the pricetag.)

I couldn’t take the trashcan back on the plane and mymom didn’t need it any more than she needed a whole ton of stuff none of us claimed. Time to give it to the younger generation who may still want the cutsie look of little girls playing under a tree.

I wish I had a count of all the things we donated so I could plug it into the Donation Impact Calculator Goodwill created in a fun way to show donors approximately how many hours of job training they provide with their donations.

Goodwill has also recently released this clever animated PSA (public service announcement) to share the message – DONATE STUFF – CREATE JOBS!

Have you been cleaning out lately? Where does your unused stuff go?

If you don’t know about a store or donation drop near you, you can always check the store locator on the website to find somewhere close or you can call 1- (800) – GOODWILL.

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REMEMBER: Donate stuff – create jobs!

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