Chocolate, chocolate, who’s got the chocolate? #WWbrowniebliss

(Disclosure: I received products for this review from Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods.)

We had fun trying a new kind of chocolate treat this afternoon. I was “in-the-know” so I had to run the taste-testing instead of participating in the tasting (at least at first).

So, here are my girls waiting for their first bite. “What in the world is Mommy making us eat?

taste testing with weight watchers


Weight Watchers Brownies

What is this? Weight Watchers?!!

Weight Watchers Brownies

Here are the their videos of the BIG Reveal and reaction afterward:


Weight Watchers Brownie Bites Products debut with Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss (80 calories) and Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss (90 calories), each having a point value of 2 in the Weight Watchers weight loss program. Weight Watchers has been a BIG help to me over the years.

Right now I am following a different program for weight loss but I love that new things are being made to keep you from feeling deprived during your weight loss and maintenance and I will definitely keep these around for instant treats when I need a little bite of something sweet.

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