Starting Fresh with Medifast, Exercise and Enough Water to Wash Away

MedifastToday was yet another new beginning in the world’s longest roller-coaster diet otherwise known as my life, reinventing itself every couple of years.

I have three blogs now but I am choosing to document this journey here because this is the blog closest to my heart, my journey, my life.

My other older blog DIYFrugal was started to house weekly articles from the paper and now talks about sales and deals. My new blog Mama Loves Media covers all the media and entertainment and digital media teaching posts I want to do but this blog here is still my starting point, my place of fresh clean starts, my Genesis Moments, my writer’s journey.

Today, I started a new year-long, life-long journey through Medifast. Last Fall, I lost 20 pounds through accountability of an online group and the Digest Diet with it’s healthy shakes and soups. And, then, slowly, slowly, the scales began to inch back up as I slide away from the accountability group and I struggled to reign in the compulsive need to eat, eat, eat when I was stressed, stressed, stressed.

Perhaps I wasn’t ready for the stress of a full-time job. I wasn’t ready to build in the time for me and make sure I kept my promises to keep myself sane and therefore be able to handle life with peace and dignity. This Fall, THAT changes. I have started back into regular daily devotions which keep my mind in check with God’s will. My days still have their crazies but I have been able to handle them much better over the last couple of weeks.

And, now for the weight loss. I actually signed up for Medifast several weeks ago and as of today, I’ve been doing the 5-1 diet via the On-the-Go box I bought online. You eat 5 Medifast meals, manufactured to give you all your vitamins, minerals and proteins, and you can eat one Lean-Green meal that allows you to feel somewhat normal around other people and stick to the plan and have all the necessary essentials. This plan quickly moves you into a fat-burning state which can make you tired initially.

Doing the diet by myself, I found that I need some sort of accountability so I started using the app on my smartphone to record my daily meals. Before this, I found that the LoseIt app worked pretty well too for counting calories and recording exercise (if I had stuck with it).

AND, then I learned that the center in Paoli, PA where I had originally inquired about the program was now offering one ambassadorship to a local person to talk about their journey so here I am —  Medifast Ambassador Extraordinaire.

But, in this post, what I really want to highlight is the value of the local center versus going it alone with only online orders. You will be hearing more about this as I blog in coming weeks so that this blog isn’t so super long but quickly, I learned the following:

1. In-person Experts: After two weeks on my own, I was relieved to have someone to talk to about my fears about the reviews online of people saying they lost hair on this diet. The regional director, local director and the nutritionist told me that they had never come across that problem in relation to this plan.

2. Food Variety: In the centers, you can try occasional samples before investing in a whole box of food and the pre-made shakes can be bought one by one. You can also make easy returns of foods you don’t like. In the initial box I bought, it was all bars, cereal and snacks. I was excited to get some soups, shakes and eggs, not to mention spice pancakes today!

3. Hands-on Accountability: Apparently, I will get called if I don’t show up for my weekly weigh-in next week. At first, I thought it would be annoying to go into a center but with all the advice and personal attention I received, I found that I loved having someone to talk with that was there for me alone. And, by keeping a hand-written food journal (that is easier to show the nutritionist than sharing the app screen), I have found today at least that I didn’t let the extra bites sneak in that I did over the last two weeks doing it alone.

4. Specialized Programs: I also received a number of handouts which I will mention in coming weeks which revealed various programs for individuals with diverse issues: diabetes, gluten-free, teens, nursing moms, military, etc. Because of the trained staff, the centers are much more equipped to handle a variety of needs.

Overall, in regards to Medifast as a whole, I will say that the look of the food appears uber-processed and you may be taken aback at what looks like a boat-load of chemicals on the sides of the packages; but, for myself, I take comfort in knowing that this diet was actually started by a doctor and is manufactured to help people lose weight and keep it off! Yay!! Hey, I am willing to try it. When I hit 40 years old, I put on some serious pounds and now I am excited to say “Goodbye” to the flab and start fresh again.

Buckle up, here we go!

{Disclosure: As a local ambassador, my annual membership is covered in return for sharing my experience with Medifast. All thoughts and opinions are my own. }



  1. Go Girl! I hear ya about that roller coaster…it never seems to stop for me either. As we approach 45 together…we can encourage each other in our weight loss goals! Praying this endeavor has great outcomes for both of us!

  2. Thanks for the post. I’ve wondered about Medifast for some time now. I think it may be my only hope!

  3. Hello Sarah,

    I enjoyed reading your article about Medifast. There is value indeed in the local centers. Accountability, experts to talk with you in person, and more convenient buying options.

    In my site, I feature weight loss success stories, and I would love to publish your story with Medifast. I just sent you an email.

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