Launching a BRAND NEW blog!

It’s crazy but true. I am starting a whole NEW blog with a focus on media, apps, entertainment, my coursework, etc. It’s called.  . . . .

Mama Loves Media

This blog, Genesis Moments – A Writer’s Journey, will continue to cover any toy reviews or inspirational thoughts and beliefs about life while my new blog will focus more on my professional life. My OTHER blog DIYFrugal will continue to talk about sales and deals.

It’s time. This blog is called Genesis Moments to highlight fresh clean starts in my life and my new blog Mama Loves Media is exactly that – a fresh clean start. With relevant and current information, hopefully it will be able to get more traffic than this blog which is a bit all over the map.

If you follow me here, I would really love to have you follow me at this new blog. I am truly excited about it and hope you will join me!

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