Wrapping Up Disney Social Media Moms 2013

(Disclosure: I received a number of items for review during my recent trip to Disney World for the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Conference. Several items are mentioned below in this conference wrap-up. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
Disney with Teens

My favorite Disney princesses, my daughters Lindsey and Laura

Last Saturday, I found myself sitting in a pearly clamshell riding through Epcot’s relaxing ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends and repeating the catchy words to myself:

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. . . .

. . . which is exactly how I felt after three days of eeking every magical ounce out of our trip to Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2013, an inspiring blogger’s conference for moms and dads from across the country.

During our conference, we learned about a number of new initiatives coming up which follow the age-old Disney moniker of growing and changing and improving as long as there is imagination in the world. Walt Disney had a dream that he infused into those who came after him. Walt studied the many problems of children to make sure he could make them happy, which he did over and over with his magical creations and humor that attracted adults and children alike — and still do!

Earlier that Saturday, as we made our way through Animal Kingdom and then Epcot, it seemed that the fairy godmother herself was watching over us as rain poured the moment right after we entered Epcot’s epic and exhilarating ride Soaring and stopped the moment we walked out, holding off again until after we had entered our evening event, a delightful dinner in Fantasia Gardens. The rain let up long enough for our girls to enjoy a round of mini-golf in an event sponsored by Disney healthy eating initiative “Try-It.

But, that was only after I suspected Tinker Bell’s mischievous touch on Kali River Rapids, a rip-roaring river rapids ride that left several of us soaked and laughing from a sudden gasping splash.

But, our magical journey actually began Thursday at the most unmagical hour of 3:30 am when we arose and finished the last touches of our packing and boarded a plane for Orlando, leaving at precisely 6:50 am. Leaving early allowed us to enjoy some time on  the delightful rides, old and new, in Magic Kingdom before the first delish dinner and evening under the stars at Epcot.

Oops, almost forgot about our afternoon story time with Pooh, our first character photo shoot. My teens didn’t sit still for a story (being teens and all) but they loved getting their pictures taken with the classic characters.

lindsey and pooh

Teens still love Pooh!

On Friday, I sat in a room with some of my very favorite bloggers from around the country and listened to delightful and inspiring speakers while my family enjoyed a day at Hollywood Studios, hitting their favorite wild rides several times: Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster.

Mary Ellen Hooper

Mary Ellen Hooper, speaker from last year and my humorous tablemate for the day.

I would be remiss to skip the wise tidbits tweeted, Instagramed, Facebooked and now blogged from my day of professional networking and learning.

Disney Social Media Moms

With two of my favorite social media mavens: Maria Bailey & Debbie Bookstaber

Here are 10 highlights from the day and really, the weekend:

1. FAME: Yes, I am now sold on Lady Gaga’s innovative black Fame
perfume thanks to book author Jackie Huba.

2. JUST KEEP RUNNING: Some crazy people ran in the runDisney Fun Run early Friday morning; I did not and I am happy to admit I slept peacefully and leisurely that morning.

3. FACT: Walt Disney really had fun in life.

4. NEW INNOVATIONS: Disney World is coming out with customizable plastic or perhaps rubber bracelets to let you do everything you can do with a key card and park pass now.

5. CELEBRITY SITING: Ashley Eckstein is my new hero. Go sci-fi clothing for girls!

@HerUniverse Amy Eckstein

Amy Eckstein of Clone Wars and @HerUniverse Sci-Fi Clothes for Girl

6. SPECIAL EVENTS: Merida of Brave is NOW a full fledged Disney princess and we got to be there for the official ceremony!

Merida Disney Princess

The crowning of Merida of Brave.

7. GARY: Gary Buchanan, social media managing editor, likes swimming in cranberry bogs, among other crazy things.

8. SPEAKERS: Marc Mero is the happiest person alive and wants the same for all of us. Read his book. It’s all in there, the answers you need for life.

Champion of Choices Marc Mero


9. BUDGETING: Next time, I am not attaching a credit card to my daughters’  keycards. Yikesas.

10. SWAG: Love the H20+ shampoo line in the bathrooms and in the samples given to us.

And now to skip to Sunday..,  ahhh, yes, one very Magical Mother’s Day where we enjoyed delish treats, delightful singing and a video montage from children in the crowd.

I even won spa lotions and a Vera Bradley bag. Oh. Lala. I had already checked my luggage so I gave the lotions to two very nice women and packed in the Vera Bradley bag for home!

Disney Social Media Moms Swag

Mother’s Day Win from Disney!

And, here we are . . . waiting curbside for the long-term parking bus with the orange American Tourister bag given as a conference gift that my daughter claimed and raved over; especially with so many Colora bags showing up curbside coming and going from the conference. Very nice.

Disney Social Media Moms Luggage

And, then it was time to go home. . .

And, there was even more I didn’t have time to mention and it was all quite wonderful, a very happy ending for all.


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