Product Reviews: Wummelbox Craft Kits for Kids

{Disclosure: I received a Wummelbox Craft kit for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

When I stopped working full-time, I couldn’t sit still for long and offered to teach craft classes at our local YMCA which was totally awesome until I got another offer I couldn’t refuse – a chance to teach college students and I had to admit that there were some elements in common between the experiences.

I quit the craft classes when I took on teaching “Writing for the Media” and “Communication Theory” at a local private college. The enthusiasm from pre-schoolers definitely had its benefits but what both college students and small children had in common was the need to keep people busy, no matter their height.

In my craft classes, I had to keep kids busy for a mere half an hour. In college, it was three hours. For both, I needed a plan of action that I knew would engage my audience.

What I found in the Wummelbox craft kit was a well thought-out plan of action with educational materials written in a clear kid-friendly way that supports the enclosed craft materials.
Wummelbox instructions

Here you see the nutrition box with lots of goodies included. We received the well-illustrated instructions below (obviously geared towards kids AND parents and possibly kids without parents for the right age). This booklet explains how to sew the fruit and create a cash register to create a little grocery store in our home. I love crafts that can be used over and over and this one fits the bill!

Wummelbox grocery store

Cash registers are great budgeting and entrepreneurship tools for teach kids valuable lessons about business ownership (without it sounding as boring as all that!) Sewing the fruit is great for manual dexterity.



Here are all the quality items we received to create the crafts.

wummelbox craft kits

 And, here is a little more about about Wummelbox itself:

  • Straight from Germany
  • Created with the highest safety standards in mind.
  • When possible, recycled or recyclable Earth-friendly materials are used.
  • 3-4 very cool items that can be used over and over.
  • Educational!

Each box retails for $35.95. A 12-month subscription brings the price down to $19.95 per month with free shipping.

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