Video of Chevy Test Track & Corvette Test Drive with GoPro Hero3

I am still working on my wrap-up from last weekend’s trip to Disney but here is the video I created with our new GoPro HERO3: Black Edition
video cam download free cartoon porn when I was in Disney with Traveling Moms last month.

I highlight the camera in addition to what I saw because it takes such a unique shot of life (not because I am getting compensated in any way) and because I agreed to be Media Traveling Mom on the Traveling Moms website and I want to highlight different ways to capture the stories of life and I am testing out the best way to do that.

In this video, you will see footage of both the renovated Chevrolet Test Track and the Corvette Test Drive. Edited was done by lesbian porn movies teen my budding videographer, my daughter.

{Disclosure: Chevrolet offered partial compensation for this trip. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)



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