Teaching a Digital Mom New Tricks with Traveling Moms, Disney and Chevy!

Instagram Disney

You really can teach an old dog new tricks and you can teach a relatively “early adopter” digital mom new online toys like Instagram, which more recently became available on my Android phone after iPhone users were already hooked for what seemed FOREVER.

I learned more about the quick-edit photo app when I was in Disney on a press trip last week where we stayed at the Yacht Club and enjoyed a lovely dinner across the water where I took the shot on the left from my phone.

Thanks to the generosity of Chevy and Disney Parks, I enjoyed several days in Orlando last week connecting with the other writers of TravelingMoms.com for their 2013 annual conference. I recently agreed to be Media Traveling Mom and I am still learning the ropes of the site and what I can contribute to the already amazing group

Of course, the first night included a late night with new friends exploring the new Fantasyland on our own once we were cut loose from the group!

Moms on the loose!!! Woohooo!

Fantasyland Pictures

And, of course, Gaston was quite the cocky gentleman, balancing the character personality with the graciousness of the Disney love (as in, he was willing to sit patiently with us for a few minutes while we snapped away)!

During one part of the conference, we split into social media speed dating groups where various experts on social media tools gave quick overviews to those of us wanting to learn more. Since I am already somewhat of a power user addict on Twitter and Pinterest, I was most fascinated by the little app called Instagram which has caught the fascination of users globally. I tried some shots and had fun adding various colors and shading.

Here is one picture I took and edited from Fantasyland when we tried out the ride called Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. Instagram is kinda like a photo-based Twitter. You can’t create collections like Pinterest but you view a running stream of current pictures and search by hashtag and location. You can also share EVERYWHERE (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Ariel's Grotto

In another foray into new media techniques, I also got a chance to try out my new GoPro HERO3: Black Edition
on the Chevy Test Track and during a test drive in a lovely cherry red Chevy Corvette. (Video is still being edited. To be added soon.)

Disney with ChevyTalk about Moms on the loose in that Corvette! Yeah, baby.

Several fun videos have already been published with that car and I have my daughter working on editing my GoPro footage from both the Corvette ride and the Test Track Ride.  (And, actually “Moms on the loose” is the theme of a video I captained with a group of ladies during our visit on Friday to Animal Kingdom. I will let you know when that video goes live! The very talented Angela just finished editing it and it looks awesome!)

Below is the car I created at the beginning of the Test Track. Okay, so I won’t ever be an auto engineer but I sure make cute little cars. I had no idea Chevy has been working with Disney for 30 years  but this last update to the Test Track is amazing and lots of fun. Disney is doing a great job making the wait for a ride as fun as the ride itself (almost), not to mention afterward where you can do a number of activities in the showroom with the car you created.

Chevy Cars Disney

Thank you Chevy and Disney Parks for making this trip possible! {Disclosure: I did receive some compensation from Chevy plus free travel accommodations and a park pass from Disney Parks for this trip.}


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