Cookbook Review: Homemade with Love by Jennifer Perillo

Moms on the go (like me these days) need cooking ideas that are healthy and fast. I love the new cookbook by Jennifer Perillo: Homemade with Love: Simple Scratch Cooking from In Jennie’s Kitchen
that covers a range of recipes that are both simple and easy and still make you feel like a mom who can put a healthy dinner on the table for her family (at least once in awhile).

Some of my favorite recipes from the book include:

  • Drop Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie
  • Cherry Chocolate Chip Friendship Cookies
  • Strawberry Blender Sherbet
I am forever looking simple recipes like these that I can whip up over the weekend, freeze and serve throughout the week when we are in a hurry and I can tell you our schedule just keeps getting more cramped by the day.
     AND, of course, cooking is such a great thing to do with kids, especially mine at ages 14 & 15 who are beginning to experiment in the kitchen more on their own and I keep thinking how much I need to do more to teach them recipes beyond homemade chocolate chip cookies and ready-make brownie mixes (as much as I love the calorie-laden goodies.)
     Over this last weekend when I was in Disney with, my husband taught the kids to make egg and bacon sandwiches by cooking the eggs and bacon in the microwave and sandwiching them between buttered toasted bread. What a great dad.
     And, we love chicken pot pie which is why I was so excited to see the drop biscuit recipe in Jennifer’s cookbook. Recently, I cooked up a couple of frozen chicken pot pies and told my husband I made them the old-fashioned way. He thought I meant that I had made them from scratch when I meant I used the oven not the microwave. BWAHAHA.. Now, with this recipe I will be able to say that I really did make them from scratch! Yay!
     Thank you, Jennie! You inspire me!

Learn more about Jennie at her blog:  In Jennie’s Kitchen.


Homemade with Love

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  1. Jennifer Young says:

    I just love a new cookbook! I’m always looking for new ideas and recipes. Thanks for the tip, I will check this one out:)

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