Les Miserables on DVD, Blu-Ray and now UltraViolet

Les Miserables DVD cover

Years ago, I saw the critically-acclaimed musical Les Miserables down in Philadelphia, shortly after moving here from the south. Last Fall, I viewed the screening of  the award-winning film Les Miserables also down in Philadelphia with my sister. The powerful drama caught my imagination in both mediums and I was excited to receive the Blu-Ray/DVD set for review to share the experience of this classic performance, now immortalized in film, with my family.

I noticed two things upon receiving this set:

1) EXTRAS: I have missed the extras. I remember when the first and most prominent selling point in buying a DVD was the promise of extras. With the prominence of Netflix in our home, I don’t get to see many extras and I love a glimpse behind the scenes, especially in light of my own experience of having been behind the scenes on a number of locally filmed movies (including Silver Linings Playbook, another award winning film from 2012).

After watching a long movie like Les Miserables, it’s hard to stay awake for too much more but last night after my husband and youngest disappeared, my eldest daughter and I enjoyed clicking on a number of extra clips highlighting a number of shots of actors and directors talking about the building of a classic film which will certainly claim it’s place in history.

2) ULTRAVIOLET: I also noticed that the world has not stopped at Blu-Ray for the latest and greatest way to view movies. Cloud-based viewing has become the new selling point. You can now upload your movies and watch them on the go on any device via Ultraviolet viewing. Apparently, you can have up to 5 additional members on your account to view your collections and you can see your movies pretty much anywhere. Very fascinating and totally foreseeable in the making. The cloud-based life is becoming the way of the world. Heaven forbid if the cloud ever crashes to earth!

And finally, to the movie itself. I have already reviewed the first screening I attended but I will comment briefly again here. The literature that came with the Blu-Ray copy states “compelling and poignant film surprises with undeniable Christian message.” You can’t watch Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman’s poignant, soulful cries to God without appreciating their appeal to a greater power of capable of saving souls and granting mercy where mercy is not warranted.

Crowe’s character Javert wants God to bring Jackman’s Valjean to justice. Valjean wants one more chance time and time again to help one more, to give grace to the wounded and to get mercy from Javert and the law. Valjean knows he is running from the law but he is persistent in his quest to help those in need.

Who is wrong? Who is right? In the end Javert is not so sure after a life of following the law to the letter. I praise the Lord that there is mercy and grace, that we serve a God who forgives over and over, a humbling truth, a fact that should have us on our knees daily praising and honoring the God who loves us so very much.


{Disclosure: I received Les Miserables on Blu-Ray & DVD for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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