Easter Egg Decorator App & Goodies from Heinz® & PAAS®

PAAS Egg Decorating KitA delightful basket of Easter joy from  Heinz® and PAAS® arrived at my home last week. Included were all the ingredients to dye lovely Easter eggs, including Heinz® vinegar and all sorts of new PAAS® egg decorating kits. These kits included some very interesting tools to make fun & colorful Easter eggs including velvet powder, markers, white crayons, egg dyeing cups, and ingredients to make “volcanic explosion” eggs.

Usually, my girls would have been itching to try the real-life objects first that come into our home for review but surprisingly, they actually found the  PAAS® Heinz® Easter Egg Decorator App first on the iPad and started making digital eggs to share (without me even telling them it was installed).

The beauty of having my girls share their digital eggs is that when you decorate and share a virtual Easter egg using the free app, Heinz® and PAAS® will donate $1, up to $25,000, to the Make-A-Wish® foundation. If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone to access this app, you can also go directly to the Egg Decorator website to make and share your colorful Easter Eggs.

Here are some of the steps to making a shareable virtual egg:

STEP ONE: Pick a color.

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step One

STEP TWO: Pick the intensity of your color.

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step Two

STEP THREE: Choose to decorate your egg.

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step Three

STEP FOUR: Add color, sprinkles, etc. Rotate to decorate the back.

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step Four

STEP FIVE: Share Your Egg via Email.

You can also share information about the program on Facebook and Twitter via the options on the screen. You can also save images on your iPad to share as well. 

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step FIVE

STEP SIX: Admire your work! Isn’t it cute?

PAAS Heinz Egg Decorator App Step SIX

And here are some of the REAL Easter eggs my girls and I made:

 {Disclosure: I received a basket of PAAS® Heinz® Egg Decorating Supplies for review of these items and the free app.}

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