Recipe: Gluten Free Tortilla Wrap with Almond Butter and Honey

Recently, I received a box with an interesting new twist on gluten-free foods from Udi’s Gluten Free Foods: TORTILLAS!

Hello, sandwich wraps, quesadillas, quick bites!

I proceeded to take one out of the package and take a quick taste.

Then I read the directions. Doh!

HEAT (in microwave or pan)!

Worlds of difference.

I am always moving TOO quick these days. Makes a difference to slow down and READ! (And, I was a college professor, really?! Nutty Professor.)


Then, because I just wanted a quick lunch for myself, I slathered it with almond butter!




And, I rolled it up and ate a yummo bite! I had to eat it quick because the honey started dripping from the warm tortilla.

Good idea to fold in the bottom, like a burrito before eating (if you use messy ingredients).


Thank Udi’s for creating a whole new range of possibilities for when I am entertaining and have one or two gluten-free guests (which seems more and more these days) and I need an option for them to eat!


{Disclosure: I received a package of Udi’s tortillas and coupons to try this new gluten-free option}.

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