Time for LEAN in 2013! New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New YearAs always, the new year is frought with anxious New Year’s Resolutions. Can I do it this year? The things I didn’t achieve in the last 10 years (plus) of resolutions. Can we get leaner financially? Can we lose the inches, the pounds, the fat?

After a rather fat 2012, it’s time my family got their act together and pulled in the reins. I have to say 2012  was amazing with so many fond memories but there comes a time to call the famine after the feasting.

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Actually RUN a 5K with my sister this year. (I’ve walked/run the last couple. I need to build up to running the full 3.1 miles.)

2. Lose another 20 pounds at least. (I put on significant weight in recent years and just took off approx. 15 pounds but the holidays threatened my progress and it’s time to get back on track). Part of this will be exercise and part staying off the white flour, sugar and all the yummy uglies that store in my fat cells and refuse to let go until I starve them out.

3. Get on a solid schedule for work. (I started the year working from home, and then I went into the office more, and now I am in our official office more days than  not since we just expanded to allow for more desk room, etc.) But, I need to make sure work stays at work and enjoy my family more when I am home rather than stressing about what I didn’t get done at work!

4. Get back on a proper devotional schedule. Sadly, I have let my devotional time slip and I want to spend more time hearing the heart of God by spending time in His word, a critical part of life, honoring my creator.

Well, I am sure I will think of more but to spend time with my family right now, I need to get off this machine and start making some breakfast.

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