Teen Halloween with Udi’s and JT SplatMaster

We are entering into a new era with our kids: Teen Halloween. I figured that my kids would eventually grow out of the annual tradition of dressing up and walking around the neighborhood as princesses and ballerinas, ladybugs and gypsies.

But, no, we’ve entered a new phase (which is now costing me MORE money than before) which means everyone coming to OUR house to celebrate — but at least I have the security of having them here and knowing what’s going with my kids in my own home (I think . . .  I hope  . . . . Or, at least I thought so until I found the group playing Spin The Bottle in the basement “hug-style”). Yikes.

Originally this party was supposed to have around 25 kids arrive but having only 12 show was not a bad thing. They seemed to enjoy themselves despite our insistence that all lights stay on in the basement and that the music stay at a reasonable decibel.

Halloween parties

Of course, having a group of kids at my house means one very significant thing to a true-blue blogger like me – how many product placements can I fit into one event before my daughter says, “NO MORE BLOG STUFF, MOM!” Hey, I’m all about multi-tasking, especially when I want to get in all my blog obligations before National Novel Writing Month starts in a couple of days!
We had a boy in the crowd with a  buzzillion allergies and I was glad to have an alternative treat there. I didn’t make “special” Halloween treats out of the Udi’s muffin tops but I did have some Halloween-dressed ladies eat them for the camera!
Serving Gluten-Free at Halloween
Here are my left-over Udi’s muffin tops circling the pumpkin plate below:

Udi's Gluten-Free Chocolate

My daughter had planned the game “manhunt” in the dark behind the houses but one boy had already been caught and seemed a little bored. I’m like – PULL OUT THE PAINTBALL! While some were still hiding, others really got into target shooting by flashlight.
jt splatmaster
Because they weren’t aiming at each other, I didn’t enforce the eyewear for this event but next time, I will since these things can be dangerous if kids aren’t careful.  On the other hand, I took some comfort in knowing that these guns were less painful than typical paint guns and don’t hit as hard according to one guest who had just used the same paintball set at her house. Eyewear is still an important element of anything that shoots pellets and could possibly harm one’s eyes.
splatmaster target shooting
My daughter works on Friday nights at a shotgun range judging trap but she’s never done a lot of shooting herself. The SplatMaster was right up her alley.

NOTE: Starting October 29th, for a limited time and while supplies last, anyone purchasing a JT SplatMaster z100 or JT SplatMaster z200 Paintball Shotgun .50 Cal
will receive one free ammo grenade (50 ct ammo, $7.99 value) free!

AND, now enough product placement. My kids had a great time and I was glad to help make it happen with whatever I could offer from smores to paintguns to gluten-free foods.

{Disclosure: I received Udi’s coupons and groceries and two JT SplatMasters and ammo for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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