Training for a Weight Loss Challenge

Diet and ExerciseWeight loss challenges are the fodder of reality TV shows and ambitious gym directors AND now, the stuff of blogs, mine in particular. I have one week until the Let’s Get Physical Weight Loss Challenge and I am finding that waiting to start a weight-loss challenge makes you impatience and antsy but it is actually a great time to get your act together.

I have listed several steps I am incorporating into my own “pre-training” for this weight loss challenge starting next week that I am hoping may help you too:

1) Decide your exercise workout. Start building exercise into your weekly routine and build up to bigger goals. Exercise is best mixed up. Work out a schedule for a cardio-aerobic blend with strength training within your skill level. Join a gym or walking club or buy DVDs you can do at home. PlayStation, Wii and Xbox have exercise programs as well. Crafting a fitness plan with a coach, at least initially, will help you build up to an appropriate level for you without straining muscles in a bad way.

{I joined the Y two weeks ago and I started walking each morning with a friend once we drop our kids at school. I am struggling with what to do so I don’t then leave for work all sweaty but it’s getting cooler out which is good.}

2) Decide your diet and accountability group. For some, Weight Watchers works, for others NutriSystem, for others the Paleo or Wheat Belly or Atkins or South Beach work. Just pick something and stick with it if it works for you. I plan to do more reading and research this week to learn the difference between Paleo and other diets I have used in the past and I will add a write-up later this week.  Eating healthy plays a HUGE role in whether you will meet your goal and I know because I am where I am because I got off the healthy eating track. Time to bring it back!

{If you see strange rambling tweets over the next two months, like . . . give me chocolate now and I HATE SPANDEX, just ignore me and move on.}

3) Start now. I know that one goal of the challenge is to win the financial prize but what we all really want is to fit back into our pre-weight gain clothes and if that means losing a few pounds this week before the challenge starts, that’s okay. You are getting ready for the long-haul – the life past the 8 weeks, a life-long decision to watch what goes in your mouth and to keep fit.

{I have already lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks but I need to lose about 40-50 more so there is plenty more for the challenge; no worries there.}

4) Get yourself ready inside and out. For me, that means getting a pedicure, as silly as that sounds, because we are supposed to send in a picture with our toes on the scale. AHHHH.. must have pretty toes. And, I bought some new work-out clothes so I feel like I belong with all the skinnies in the gym. Sounds superficial but I need all the help I can get.

5) Talk to a doctor or nutritionist if you feel like you don’t understand food and it’s effects on your personal body. People truly do react to foods in different ways. If you start feeling odd during the challenge, it might be  good to have a doctor aware of what you are doing.

What am I missing? Anything else you do before a weight loss push in your life? NO PIGGING OUT THIS WEEK! NO LAST SUPPERS! This is your life. Love your body and live like it (and that’s with every finger pointing back at myself too.)




  1. I love the pedicure idea. I think I am totally going to steal that one.

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