Book Review: 6 Weeks to OMG: Getting Skinnier Than All Your Friends

I recently received the book Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends and began reading yet another book I hope would inspire me to get and STAY on track. Venice Fulton definitely lays down the law about getting skinny (which yes, we all know we want when we’ve put on an extra few pounds.) Here is an interview to learn more about this man and his mission:

Q&A with Venice A. Fulton

Venice, I want to get skinny but do I have to do everything in the book?

No, because even if you use one thing, you’ll still outrun the couch potatoes!

Before I wrote Six Weeks To OMG, everyone told me how bad they felt after giving up diets that they couldn’t stick to. The authors of those books claim that sticking to everything is crucial. These scare tactics don’t work in the real world because humans have such varied lifestyles.

Also, it’s kind of obvious that not everyone needs the same amount of help. So, I designed something that would work brilliantly as a standard plan, and would still have lots to offer those who could only apply a few techniques. This also means that at different times of the year, you’re in control of how hard you work.

Venice, how can skipping breakfast be good if NO ONE else recommends it?

I’d ask why their non-skipping advice clearly isn’t working!

Breakfast is a huge business opportunity, and the advice to eat it, starts at the corporate level. Of course, there’s no denying that we all feel hungry when we wake up. Your brain and other organs have been working hard throughout the night, and they want some payback for all their hard work.

And that’s exactly why you must not give in to them! Morning gives you a once-in-a-day chance to force the body to use fat as a fuel. The moment breakfast passes your lips, it sees no reason to use stored fat. With Six Weeks To OMG you will still break (your) fast, just a little later than normal.

Venice, isn’t this just another paleo type diet?

Six Weeks To OMG makes paleo diets extinct!

The paleo principles are limited to talking about diet alone. To look fantastic, your body can’t just rely on advice about food. Cavemen and women had very different physical lifestyles to us, and a different mental outlook. On top of this, no researcher was alive back then, so there’s a hunk of guesswork going on!

The best strategy is to learn from what we do know about our ancestors, and combine it with stuff they definitely didn’t have access to. Like the 21 million journals stored in the National Institutes of Health! Using a modern mix of diet, biochemistry, and psychology is definitely the way to an ultimate body.

Venice, will this diet work for all age group and no matter how much or how little you have to lose?

Six Weeks To OMG is for anyone who needs help. Bad habits are now spreading across all age groups and even countries, so it’s smart to protect yourself with the best knowledge, whoever you are! The decision to change your life is a personal decision, or one that you can share with your doctor.

The techniques in the book aren’t for any particular age group, they’re just techniques that work, period. It’s also worth pointing out that just because you’ve seen a few more summers, it doesn’t mean your body is resistant to change. With a fresh approach, all previous behaviors can be wiped out.

Venice, do you know for certain much can weight I really lose?

If you pick up Six Weeks To OMG you’ll certainly lose more fat than if you didn’t!

Seriously, I can’t give exact figures as that assumes I know how much you’ll apply the book. Plus, there are so many factors that affect success. I will say that based on experience, losing up to 20 pounds of fat is possible for most people, assuming they’ve got that much to lose.

Some lose more, some lose less, but everyone will lose fat, and that’s progress in the right direction. The more important question is, ‘will the fat stay away?’. And the answer is YES! The book will make you an expert, instead of an expert just telling you what to do, without you really knowing why.

Venice, I’m a guy and I’m intrigued, but is it true that OMG is for girls?

I’m the writer, I use this stuff, and I’m definitely a guy!

Girls tend to take more of an interest in their health than us, so it’s entirely natural that everything seems marketed to them. But, that doesn’t mean guys don’t need help, because we definitely do. We die earlier than girls, and even if we avoid that, we fall to pieces much quicker!

There are some differences between males and females when it comes to fat loss, but we’re talking 1%. As a species, we tend to make the same mistakes whether we wear a skirt or not. And if you think the title Six Weeks To OMG sounds too girly, trust me dude when I say how macho it feels to be in killer shape!


And, now for MY take on it: Venice definitely employs some unconventional methods that sound a little strange – like sitting in a cold bath for 15 minutes each day – but ultimately he is on the right track when it comes to discipline. Basically, it comes back to the good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating, which all the studies now show means lowering your carb intake until you burn the fat your body is already storing. And, now for my own exercise – time to get out of the house and get those legs moving!



  1. Jennifer Young says:

    Interesting… I’d love to know about the 15 minute cold bath! I just read Bob Harper’s “The Skinny Rules”. That had some good advice too.

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