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I was multi-tasking during this year’s Disney Social Media Moms Conference, thanks to the awesome Rayovac outlet centerpieces and despite the warning by the adorably hilarious Mary Ellen Hooper to turn off my cell phone, when somewhere off in the distance a voice broke through my conscious, halting my attempts to compose an semi-intelligent email on the small screen of my Droid in a dark conference room.

“107, anyone? 107?”

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Me, Me, Me.”

107 was the lucky little number printed on a conference badge I wore around my neck and the very same number just pulled to win the V.I.P tour of Disney World! Yeah, wow, is right! Here I was invited by my dear friend Jo-Lynne to come to this awesome conference and I won the BIG prize, to go in any park on any ride with a special front-of-the-line tour guide for SIX hours.


But, that’s not all. In a move not that far from rewards you see on the  TV show Survivor, they told me I could invite not ONE, not TWO, but up to TEN people on the tour (including myself).

Because so many others were already booked on other awesome tours, like the African Trek (which I am totally doing that next year if I get invited back) or they brought their own families, I took only two others but I was not disappointed with my choices! Thank you, Debbie and Amy. You make great park buddies! {Missed you, Melissa and Jo-Lynne!}

Debbie and I stopped by the Yacht Club gift store to become real Disney Tourists!

You can see us almost being blown away below. (Just kidding. That’s the Disney Magic Shots which are so way cool!)

And, because, we were provided with a very cool tour guide, Lorie, I wanted to share some of the tips I learned during our time at Disney on a celebrity worthy 6 hour guided tour.

Whew, almost lost our friend Amy there.

1) Go left, everyone turns right in lines.

2) Go early to favorite rides, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which does not have a fast pass.

3) Getting a VIP tour means skipping long lines and getting through the park quickly where you can then relax in shows or at one of the many awesome eating places later in the day.

4) Work around the shows you want to see. Pick shows before or after your tour if you really want to take advantage of the rides.

5) Stand to the middle left in the haunted mansion. For some reason, it’s the better place to be.

6) Star Tours has over 50 different scenarios. It’s come a long way since I was younger.

7) Ask Disney photographers who aren’t walking around with live characters about “Magic Shots,” animations they can add to your photos. For example,  the balloons you see above, Tinkerbell, etc.

8) Getting a VIP tour also means a private car delivers you into parking spots park right behind rides and you walk right into the park like a celebrity. No long walks or tram rides.  A mirror on the way in reminds employees, “Who are you keeping safe today?”

9) But, getting a VIP tour does not mean you will get a view of the underground happenings. But, then again, we didn’t think to ask either.

10) You are also responsible for your own food.

11) Normally this privilege costs $300/hour and we had a six hour tour!

12) Relax and enjoy. Ask lots of questions! The tour guide has lots of great insights for the same or future visits.

And, the tour guide drove us right up to the last dinner of the conference at the new Art of Animation Resort where we reunited with several Philly women! We have to go a long way these days  to see people from our own back yard. Fancy that!

Philly Women Reunite!

Check out all the photos of our tour on the embedded Flickr Stream below. I was trying out my new Sony camera from Christmas and captured some excellent shots of all the topiaries created for the Epcot flower show too. {I was so happy to meet Sony rep Drew earlier in the trip who showed me some tips on how to use my Sony a65!}

What a truly magical adventure!! If you can afford it, go for the VIP treatment!!


  1. I’ve seen those VIP tours for the really rich and famous. Now you can add yourself to that list! Beautiful photos and great tips for everyone.

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