Hoping Slim Select will help me lose what I’ve gained and regain what I’ve lost!

Why  wait until the new year? I am ready to start a new diet RIGHT NOW. Okay, not so sure that’s really possible but there has to be a glimmer of slimmer to get motivated at some point.

I get crazy thoughts like what if I don’t eat between parties or maybe if I jog around my house when cleaning it . . . .maybe this, maybe that, . . . maybe I’ll burn the calories that have packed into every crevice over the last year and somehow fit exercise into the edges of my busy schedule.

But, 2012 has been a bitttersweet year for me. I lost my dad to congestive heart failure in January, my first cousin to pancreatic cancer just two weeks ago and experienced a painful family struggle in the summer that you will never ever hear me talk about here.

And, yet, my career has exploded. I am busier than I can handle.  I LOVE life and yet I have put on so much weight that I am as big as when I had each of my two daughters. It’s depressing – if I had time to think about it. I can’t think about it and yet, I need to.

And, so, when I was offered to try the latest in diet supplements, Slim Select by Healthy Directions, I said SURE! The box has not arrived yet but  I know that regaining some sort of  routine and  commitment to weight loss will help immensely. Half the battle is deciding that it really does matter, that being overweight adds undue stress on the whole body. Slim Select™ is  a healthy, natural appetite control and  weight loss formula for women developed by Dr. Susan Lark.

Here are  some additional tips I can share:

Dr. Susan Lark’s Top 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

1.  Increase your intake of metabolism-boosting foods: Boost your metabolism by consuming raw almonds, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), whole grains (like quinoa, amaranth, brown rice and buckwheat), cold-water fish (such as wild salmon, tuna and mackerel) and green tea.

2. Avoid fad diets, and dieting overall, and stick to a Mediterranean-type eating plan. The Mediterranean “diet” is abundant in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dried beans, nuts, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, olives, olive oil, fish and poultry. With this plan you won’t feel deprived and your health will dramatically improve, with significant weight loss as a wonderful side effect.

3. Curb cravings with saffron: Saffron affects certain brain chemicals causing an increase in fullness and satisfaction, blunting the triggers of emotional eating and promoting the loss of both fat and weight.

4. Walk – it’s the best aerobic exercise for everyone. Brisk walking at the same pace as an average jogger is a significantly better workout than jogging as it burns more energy, consumes more oxygen and results in higher heart rates without jarring the joints. 

5. Gain muscle by lifting weights. Unfortunately, women progressively lose muscle and gain fat mass as they get older. Incorporating strength training into a workout routine will help retrieve lost muscle mass while also improving bone density. Plus, as muscle burns more calories than fat, muscle aids in weight loss.

Slim Select™ retails for $34.99 for a 30-day supply. For additional information on Healthy Directions, LLC and Slim Select™, please visit www.healthydirections.com and for complimentary weight loss tips and advice from Dr. Susan Lark, please visit www.drlark.com.


(And, I’ll let you know how it goes! Anything can help right now!)




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