Cassandra’s Angel: A Single Book Creating a Mammoth Change My World Ripple


Last Thursday night, I had the honor of meeting the talented and incredible Gina Otto who shared with a small group of us her inspiring and growing passion to change the world.

Gina is the author of 101_0245

But, Gina hasn’t stopped with writing one book. She’s taken this transcendent message and created a worldwide movement, a musical bus tour and a website to help youth start with a dream and pursue it with passion. Her energy is unstoppable and I believe she inspired us all at dinner to look beyond ourselves, to examine the stories in our head that stop us from being who we need to be.


The book and the movement reaches  beyond cultural boundaries and touches all generations. I do feel that, as Christian, I would add that God has a plan for each of our lives and we do let many things stop us from being who God wants us to be. Life has to approached with balance and wisdom but we can dream big and it’s often in the process of pursuing a dream, whether you actually achieve the dream you started with, that you become who God means you to be and do what HE designed you to do.

See a brief video clip of the Change the World bus tour below and see Gina talking for yourself. Catch the dream, be inspired, make BIG things happen in your own life!

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