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Selena-gomez-monte-carlo-poster In Selena Gomez’s new movie, Monte Carlo, she plays a young Texan named Grace who saves her money all through high school for her dream trip to Paris. Once she arrives, she finds that she is the mirror image of an heiress named Cordelia (also played by Selena) who doesn’t want to take her own trip to Monte Carlo for a benefit auction. Selena (as Grace) along with her friend and new step-sister hop on the private jet and they are off on an adventure.

Friday, I had the opportunity to prescreen the movie (which kids will totally love) and then, today, I felt like an privileged heiress myself when we were invited to a special roundtable with other media professionals to interview Selena in person.

Selena walked into the rooming swinging a pair of incredibly high silvery gold heels which she announced in her own humble and sweet way that they were killing her feet. She was dressed in black jeans and a gold crocheted jacket over a long white blouse which you saw more of at the mall when we followed her there for the Q&A with fans. She was truly thin but healthy thin.

We learned her favorite color was green and that she loves to cook but doesn’t have the time she wants to do so right now, with movies, music and her spokeswomanship with UNICEF keeping her busy. Not to mention that she has a line of clothing she’s been working on for the average teen called “Dream Out Loud.” The girl is making waves, following a dream that started when she was 7 years old when she realized she loved to entertain. Along the way, her mom continued to make sure this was truly something she wanted to do. Natural talent took over her budding dreams and something magical happened.

Apparently, this movie Monte Carlo was made over a year ago and since then she’s been working on her music and another movie that she and her mom will be producing. As she shared with us, you have to work harder when you find something you believe in and manage it yourself. She wants more challenging roles and sometimes you have to create what you want to happen.

The first CD she ever bought was one by Brittany Spears who she called the Princess of Pop and she is inspired by the work of actress Jennifer Aniston, whose comedic timing she likes to study. Katy Perry’s Firework was another favorite. With her own music, she wants to create the kind of songs that have kids jumping on their bed singing and being themselves. She loves when artists use their power in a positive way.

When asked how she deals with the negative stuff, she said that she just tries to be as nice as possible and “kill them with kindness.” She doesn’t understand why some people write what they do and feels that Twitter and Facebook can become quickly negative and you have to be careful. But, if you love what you do, keep doing it.

“You have to be passionate,” says Selena, who despite accomplishing more than some people do in a lifetime still wants to go to culinary school. She graduated high school last year.

We were sad to hear a highlight of her career, Wizards of Waverly Place, is officially finished but there was no date mentioned for when the final episode will be airing.

When asked about the glamour of Hollywood, after talking about the glamour of Monte Carlo and playing both a humble and richy rich role, Selena shares that Hollywood is definitely not as glamorous as she originally thought growing up. She’s lost privacy and independence but she continue to enjoy the experience and is always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge herself. Movies are definitely a top priority in her career plans.

My daughters and I found Selena to be sweet and kind and very easy to talk to as she listened intently and shared from her heart. It was a wonderful day for us. I do sincerely hope she enjoyed her trip to the city of LOVE (where she said she would be back in her singing tour this year!) 

MONTE CARLO will be in theaters July 1st.  Rated PG.

Check out today’s event on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/officialmontecarlomovie

See the movie trailer in my previous post HERE.

Here are some fun pictures of our time with her followed by a video of her at the King of Prussia Mall Q102 event answering many of the same questions we asked her in person.


Selena Gomez come to Philly for Monte Carlo Promo from sarah peppel on Vimeo.


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  1. Wish we could have been there too! Maybe, next time. We were stuck in the car on the way home from Ohio when I told the kids what you were doing. Her sarcastic response, “Gee, wish my mom was some sort of blogger.” haha!

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