Beautiful Day to Ride the Strasburg Railroad

Here we are riding the Strasburg Railroad with my girlies (plus one).  You can see our day in pictures below. My youngest brought her best friend on our end-of-school afternoon excursion that took us about a half-hour into the Pennsylvania country where we enjoyed a short ride in a refurbished coach car of a true steam engine train.

We could see the excitement building over the upcoming Thomas the Train promotion that would happen the coming weekend but at my daughters' ages, non-Thomas and non-crowds was just fine.

We didn't upgrade to the dining car since I received these tickets free for this review but the ride was only about an hour so we didn't get hungry anyway and I would hate to have been distracted from the lovely countryside. You could stop at a small picnic area on the way and be picked up by a later train but we were on a tight schedule that day. Afterward we shopped in some of the few cute stores with everything Thomas the Train and much more. We went across the street to look in the Railroad Museum but decided to spend money on books about trains instead of paying to go in.

I wasn't sure if my teen daughters would appreciate the experience as much as a younger child but they seemed to like it and had fun looking out the window and seeing the countryside where Amish farmers plowed their fields. The weather was gorgeous for us but the conductor assured us that the old coal heater works well on cold days in the winter, allowing them to operate all year around. 

I would love to go back for the mystery dinner ride but we will see what time and budget allows!

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  1. that looks like a fun relaxing afternoon, Farm living! The train is beautiful. I love gift shops, the highlight of any trip!

  2. I remember visiting Strasburg every summer years ago, before they started the Thomas advertising to attract more tourists. It really is a great way to spend an afternoon. Looks like you and the girls had lots of fun.

  3. oh that’s cool!! I’d love to go on one of those old time trains!

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