Book In A Month: Setting Goals & Developing Your Oneliner #BIAM

Okay, so I am really doing it. I am writing the novel that is searing through my brain. Characters are begging to be let go and TODAY I began the arduous journey.

Well, I really began last month when I created a story board and started sticking post-its like crazy all over the board. As strings of post-its got longer, I decided I was ready to take on the Book In A Month (BIAM) challenge. My primary goal: get the book thoroughly outlined with maybe half the actual writing done.

So, what does that mean?

If a typical novel is about 65,000 to 80,000 words or roughly 260-300 pages and I want a rough draft in a month AND I only want to seriously work 5 dys/wk since there's something called LIFE that keep intruding — THEN, I need to be writing about 4,000 words per day. YIKES! Okay, so, if my true goals are to get a thorough outline and about half of it written, I am looking at more like 2,500 words per day (but not all in straight text – some in description and character development.) I have also joined the BIAM club and I love the input flying back and forth between newbies like myself and others!

See the link below in case you are interested in joining us. I bought the BIAM book too (see link below) but you can access some great worksheets in the files section of this Yahoo discussion group if you need them. The book helped me understand how to use the worksheets to focus my time and my thoughts but this group really gives immediate feedback. The author of this book and community is Victoria Lynn Schmidt. Check out her website and other resources HERE.

Click to join VBIAMClub

Click to join VBIAMClub

So, a big part of today's job was creating gamer dating site the oneliner for my story.

Here's my first attempt:

"After a tragic, amnesia-inducing car accident, popular blogger Tassi Copple must quickly piece her life together using clues from her own social media outlets to rebuild her memory of who she was before the dangers that led her to blog anonymously come back to haunt her life and threaten the lives of her twin daughters."

BUT, a discussion group member cried: CUT! CUT! and suggested this:

"Blogger Tassi Copple must overcome amnesia and use clues from her past posts to solve a murder before he strikes again."

Hmmm. . . now the danger – which I didn't specify before — just became a murder. But, I didn't have a murder planned. I do have other lurking dangers . . . but I don't know now – a murder always catches attention. Might have to invent one. That might just make this story more interesting! I do love watching all the CSI shows. But so many writers already do this genre and do it well.

And what if in sharing this plot, those authors who do it well use it. I'd better get back to writing. FAST. The only reason I am sharing is because I REALLY hoping an agent or editor some day sees this post – not other writers mining the story.

WHICH is why I am cutting off this post now and not giving any more away. And, I will have to decide in the next 30 days how much to share. Do I give you tidbits to get you excited? Or, do I risk others taking the idea first and running with it? Well, nothing is new under the sun. Hopefully, I can put my own spin on it 'cuz there's lots of goodies I have planned in what I hope becomes:

Book 1: A False Sense of Security.


Now, on to the story map!



  1. I’m lesbian porn doing BIAM!!! I haven’t written in about a month.. I’m such a bad writer, lol..

  2. i was gonna post my 1-liner…but I can’t get it worked doesn’t sound amazing.

    eh, here it is :)

    After inheriting an estate from her grandfather, Elizabeth Collins begins having erotic dreams of a mysterious and darkly arousing Scottish Highlander

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