Novel Inspirations from Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris!

When you have a novel eating it's way through your brain, your heart, your soul, you know only one thing: this MUST be written. Whether it ever gets read by anyone else but your tortured friends and family, you don't know but you do know: THIS MUST BE written  — just to get it out of my brain.

I am at that point right now – BUT I do find reading books about writing helps and so I ordered a few this week.

First, I dating sites for professionals ordered Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris. Why? Because somehow I subscribed to her email list and I started getting awesome emails based on the chapters of this book. And, so I said to myself – I NEED this book. It arrived yesterday and I took it with me this morning to the car dealership to read while I waited for my oil to be changed. And, because I forgot my phone, I had NO excuse but to read this book. AND, because they told me I was soon due for an inspection and they could conveniently do it right then and there, I had no excuse but to KEEP reading this book.

One problem, I brought one tiny notebook with me. One chapter in and I was ready to write PAGES and PAGES. But, I controlled myself and made a small note to do one thing when I got home: search for little pieces of paper or notecards and one big piece of construction paper.

BONUS: I found a stand-up construction presentation board PERFECT to get started.

Inspired by the planning section of Nail Your Novel, I wrote on the left side: Characters. On the middle: Plot-Story. And, on the right: Theme of the Story.

Armed with a stack of post-its, I started posting little notes under character names; basic ideas about what lesbian porn each person was about. Remember, this is the starting point. I expect MANY more post-its and possibly a board for each person later – maybe – unless I can do it in the notebook I started.

Then, I started making post-its of initial steps each character will take and then ALOT of post-its with questions I will need to answer as I go.

Under Theme (which is view totally brilliant if I might say so myself), I wrote down all the ways I see this theme in life, both broad and specific, which will help me incorporate these ideas big and small in various ways throughout the story – adding to the depth of meaning – I hope.

And, now, I am starting to think about my wish list and wish-not list. What do I want this novel to be? What do I NOT want this novel to be? Hmmm. . .  time to head to the notebook. If I told you here, how would you be surprised?

I would tell you more but I am working through the first steps. This is definitely a practical handy little book that will definitely inspire you to pick up where you left off or to start fresh and FINISH THAT BOOK!

Kindle Edition of Nail Your Novel comes out next week!

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  1. ok now I have to probably buy that book… :) LoL…

  2. I enjoyed this book too and look forward to using it with my next book! Love your blog banner btw!

  3. Wow, Sarah, thank you for giving the book such a workout! And thank you, Jill and Tara! I had fun writing Nail Your Novel.


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