Justin Bieber shows the power of prayer in "Never Say Never"

{Honestly, I never thought I would be posting about a teen star — until I read about his life and his faith. My 12 & 13 year old daughters thought he was much more cool after hearing this and that is something right there! Keep reading to get the amazing details for yourself!  

After a meteoric rise to fame, teen heart throb and musical child prodigy Justin Bieber wants the world to know that he didn't do it alone. On February 11, Justin will share the secret of his success on the big screens in theaters around the world in his autobiographical rags-to-riches tale, Never Say Never.

As evidenced in his song Pray, Justin wishes youth around the world to be inspired by the power of prayer. Building on the solid foundation of faith started by his mother, Pattie Mallette, Justin shows his commitment to prayer to Jesus Christ, Son of God, as he prays publically before every major concert and every day as his fame continues to grow.

His secret? God, family, faith, solid friendships, and daily prayer for discernment and discipline. God blessed Justin with tremendous musical abilities and he is giving back out of his desire to glorify the Lord through his life.

From Stratford, Ontario, Justin grew up at poverty level but taught himself how to play piano, guitar, drums and the trumpet. When he wanted to enter a singing competition at age 12, his mom Pattie thought it would be fun. They knew they were up against big stakes. Someday maybe her musical son would make a great worship leader or young minister. When she posted his videos on YouTube to show family and friends, she had no idea that God had a very different direction for them. Through this experience, she has learned the value of prayer warriors in her life and wise counsel as she allowed her son to spread his wings and "Never Say Never."

Here's the trailer for the movie and a few more details:

Release Date: February 11, 2011
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Director: Jon Chu
Starring: Justin Bieber
MPAA Rating: G

Justin Bieber:  Never Say Never is the inspiring true story and rare inside look at the rise of Justin from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet phenomenon to global super star culminating with a dream sold out show at the famed Madison Square Garden in 3-D.

For use with youth groups: a discussion manual is available with questions, applicable scripture and lessons to learn. Included are sections on goal setting, hard work & perseverance, the importance of godly friendships, the power of prayer and discerning God's plan for your life. Let me know and I can forward you the digital copy!

See Justin below praying with friends. He wants you to believe because he's seen what God can do and he's praying for you too! Use this movie as a great teaching moment for the kids in your life!

Update: See my review of the movie here:

Never Say Never 3D: A testimony of Justin Bieber's tenacity, insatiable curiosity, & sheer God-given talent


  1. I agree with that this is such inspirational story. It is so lovely and inspiring. I does not like most haunting Justin Bieber, but I love it! hes amazing and he is worked hard.

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