Start your own foundation with GiveBack – how cool is that?

In honor of my birthday today, I am starting my own foundation to give back to others. Sounds ostentatious, doesn't it? When I think of foundations, I think of huge non-profits with stiff-lipped board members making massive financial contributions alongside high-profile celebrity endorsements and walks to raise money. I think of fancy brochures with glossy pictures of the poor and needy and you wonder where the money is really going since your $10 is only a drop in the bucket of the truly needy.

But, am I getting to cynical here on my birthday? Perhaps. Maybe I've seen too much need and too little matching that need; WHICH, brings me to a really cool new website called GiveBack that lets YOU create your own foundation online. The money you put in this account is considered 100% tax deductible and you can allocate the funds to any charity you choose (that's registered in the U.S).

Better yet, once the account it set up, you can shop at a wide variety of vendors (see my experience doing this outlined below)- what you would buy anyway – and up to 15% goes back into your foundation to once again allocate to whomever YOU chose! Usually, I simply give my donations to the Presbyterian church I attend and let them decide on the best causes and I am on that committee too so I can help decide. BUT, this way I can shop and give which I love. I get what I need, others get what they need. We are all happy.

I love videos and here's one that explains it better than me:


And, here's a more comprehensive description from their website:

The Give Back Foundation was established to allow any person to join GiveBack and set up their personal foundation account. The funds that accumulate in that account are part of the Give Back Foundation. Each member has the ability to direct the funds from their account to any charity in good standing with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Together, all of the members’ accounts are gathered under one Give Back Foundation account awaiting the direction of each member. The members can give their money away whenever they choose, either as a single donation or as part of a group of people coming together to support a cause. 100% of the money that is directed to a charity is sent to the charity. The Give Back Foundation charges nothing for the transaction.

Any money that a member adds directly into their GiveBack account is immediately tax deductible. Any additional money that may be added, either by our corporate sponsors or other individuals, is not deductible by the member. At year end the Give Back Foundation will issue every member a consolidated giving statement that may be used as an IRS tax receipt.

Now, let's do this:
Entering the site now. Okay, I see I can connect with my Facebook account. Very cool. that increases the exposure to the causes I choose. I love how interactive Facebook has become. So very convenient.
Oh, hey, someone gave me $5 to start. Looks like Mission Skincare is listed as my first foundation donor. Now, I can add my own funds or I can go shoppping. I've already bought a lot of my Christmas gifts but I bet I can find something. Excuse me a minute whilst I shop.
{browsing the Internet} Okay, so I am seeing sites like Sears,, etc which have the percentage listed below that will go back to your foundation if you shop there. Most vendors are running 2-9% that I have seen so far. Mission Skincare is really hopping on the bandwagon with a special of 30% towards your foundation which is awesome because my girls are just now learning to take care of their skin (12 & 13 yr olds that are just now developing acne, etc.). Reading further, I see that Mission Skincare was developed by and for athletes.
Hmmm. . . I see some great products for my sister, who has become a serious marathon runner in recent years. Oh, they support a lot of great charities too. Just purchased the $49.99 bundle of products. There will be a little bit for everyone! I can spread the joy. AND, I just used my Target Visa which means I get shopping points there too.
I am not seeing the credit right away but maybe it takes a day. Will check back. Oh, just read the fine print: "Shopping rewards may take several days to appear and will be 'pending' until confirmed by retailer."

Now to add a charity. Well, I love Compassion International. Okay, chosen. I love their international efforts because they actively work to match individuals around the world with children who desperately need our support and then you can write letters to each other and send special gifts. My daughter chose a girl her age in the Dominican Republic and it has been a wonderful experience.
Now, can others give to my foundation? Let me check. Here's my Compassion page. I will look into this furt
her but it also looks like the site is running campaigns with specific charities or you can choose several of your own.
Okay, I'm set up and I'll keep working on this.

AND, you can read other amazing experiences with GiveBack from these wonderful ladies:
Allison Worthington of Blissfully Domestic
AND, finally, the reason I learned about this awesome site is because the One2One Network is giving away the grand prize of a conference pass, travel funds and a room for the annual Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville, TN to one randomly selected participating blogger. Woot-woot. Contest runs through tomorrow – December 17th.
Runner-Up prize includes a conference pass or $350 Visa Gift card which would be REALLY nice since I am not sure I can fit in going to the conference itself since I am running an area-wide prayer retreat myself that Saturday. Lord knows what needs to happen and where I need to be and I am praying about what HE wants of me in January. If I won by some random chance, I would have to fly back Friday night and scoot into the prayer retreat on Saturday morning with LOTSO coffee in my system. I truly praise God for the Internet and cell phones.


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